Our benefits

We work hard.

That’s why we offer you extras that are unusual for a consulting firm and that go above and beyond the industry standard. Because we are different, enjoy what we do, and treat each other like family. This is also something our clients notice, and they enjoy working with ERNIans.


Workacation in Europe

ERNIans can work in any European country for up to five weeks per year in the form of workacations.

Personal onboarding

At ERNI, you will receive personal onboarding from ERNIans and your supervisors. This is our introduction to the ERNI culture and our welcome to ERNI.

Flexible working hours

We believe in empowering you to work as you choose, so you can set your own schedule and work flexible hours to fulfill your responsibilities.

Working from home

Not only do we make it possible for you to work from home, but we also cover the additional cost of doing so and your remote office, including hardware.

Hybrid work

We believe it is important to maintain good relationships with ERNIans, clients and within the project team. Hence, our offices have become places to connect, while still giving you the flexibility to work from home.

Vacation days

We give you 25 vacation days a year to spend with your family, friends and to relax. We also allow you to purchase an additional two weeks of vacation per year or arrange for additional personal vacation days in the form of sabbaticals.

Parental leave

We will support you and your family with 16 weeks of maternity leave and two weeks of paternity leave.


ERNI culture

We value transparency, honesty and open communication throughout the organization. Your MD will update you monthly on new developments and invite you to share ideas.

Team events

Each year, we organize several events where you can get to know your colleagues better. From a summer and Christmas party to various team building activities, we have all sorts of events.

Welcome Day

Our Welcome Day is our way of welcoming you to your first day at ERNI. Your colleagues will join you for lunch that day.

ERNI offices

You will always find good coffee, tea and fresh fruit in our offices.

Anniversary celebrations

We regularly throw a big party for ERNIans who have been working at ERNI for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or even 30 years, at which ERNIans from all countries come together. This is where the ONE ERNI feeling really comes into play.

Personal milestones

We celebrate your personal milestones with gifts for birthdays, weddings, and newborns.

Gym allowance

You have the opportunity to use gyms and other sports facilities at a discounted rate.

Health insurance

We offer you health and travel insurance. We offer private health insurance and 100% pay in case of illness.

Support in important situations

We offer free or discounted services, such as legal advice or personal counseling, to support you during important moments in your life.

Financial security

Relocation bonus

You will receive a relocation bonus of between EUR 1,000 and 2,000 if you move to a new country for us.

Flexible salary options

You have the option of converting certain portions of your salary into various options, such as a mobility bonus, meal vouchers, a kindergarten allowance, or insurance for an additional person.

Permanent contract

When you are hired, we will offer you a permanent contract, because with us, you will always find a project that matches your expectations and skills.

Mobility allowance

We will cover the cost of your half-fare travelcard, and for certain positions, we will even give you a GA travelcard.

Company pension plan

The employer contribution to our company pension plan is 2/3.


Career map

Use our career map to determine your career plan. The career map shows you different career paths and provides information about experience and skill levels.

Buddy program

Your buddy will accompany you during your first days at ERNI. He or she will assist you with all questions and concerns.

ERNI development days

At our ERNI Development Days, all ERNIans from across the country come together to share the latest technology trends. There are exciting presentations and workshops on the latest topics.

Continuing education opportunities

ERNI helps you obtain additional qualifications. You can enroll in more than 500 part-time programs, such as master’s or postgraduate courses, and ERNI will cover 80% of the costs.

Referral program

You will receive a referral bonus of between EUR 2,000 and 6,000, depending on the seniority of the candidate.

Language courses

We help you improve your language skills in English, German or Spanish.


Learn new technologies and grow professionally in the areas that interest you most. In addition to the cost of certification, you will receive between EUR 200 and 1,400 per certification.

Personal development plan

Your supervisor will discuss your strengths, accomplishments and goals with you on an annual basis as part of your personal development plan. This allows us to provide you with the best and most targeted support.

Your growth

At ERNI, we offer you the opportunity to grow and learn right from the start. Your successes will be recognized and appreciated by your peers and supervisors.

Soft skills

Our soft skills training program helps you succeed in your career. In addition to our communications and our consultant training courses, we also offer LinkedIN Learning.

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