Look at this silo.

It doesn’t seem particularly intelligent, but you know… it gets its work done: it loads grain in, it stores it, and then it offloads it.

The problem, however, is that the silo is not very communicative.

The farmer must be there when the grain is loaded in, to ensure that the parameters are the right ones to prevent seed germination and deterioration. But it’s not just at this point he must be present: the farmer must return to the silo from time to time to check if everything is ok. Sometimes the farmer arrives too late, and in those instances, well, he’s just lost a lot of money!

So, the farmer decides to do something about that silo, which is when he comes to meet us.

We advise putting various sensors on the silo, measuring moisture and temperature in real-time. If something goes wrong, an alarm will warn the farmer.



The farmer is happy enough, but we think the silo could do more. We connect the silo to some software.

The software considers actual temperature, moisture and grain variety and adjusts the cooling of the silo to prevent seed germination. The silo now works all alone, without the intervention of the farmer,  who can now focus on other activities.

Our job is done. The silo looks much more intelligent now, doesn’t it?


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