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Outsourcing models and finding reliable partners

Once the decision to outsource has been made, the next question is: Which model should be chosen? For example, offshoring, nearshoring or onshoring? And how can you find a reliable partner who understands your corporate culture and goals so well that friction losses are kept to a minimum?

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Various forms for “Outside Resource Using”

Today, numerous different forms of outsourcing are distinguished. The “Outside Resource Using” could be classified according to very different criteria. For example, a distinction could be made according to the location of the relocation: Onshoring (in one’s own country), off-/farshoring with an outsourcing partner in a (distant) foreign country or nearshoring.

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A case study example: A multinational automotive company based in Spain

A case study about a project delivered for an automotive company in Spain demonstrates various aspects like testing, software development and the creation of a digital twin.

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Smart farming, explained

Thinking about technology within agriculture, many of us would instinctively imagine a dehumanised farm of endless fields populated only by robots.

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Guest article: “Cars will become living spaces”

While twentieth-century innovations optimised cars’ engineering functions such as fuel efficiency, safety, crash and thermodynamics, early 2000s’ cars were disrupted by the exponential rise of software, sensors and the “connected car”.

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Digital twins, ready to help

The idea of twins is nothing new. The concept was used as far back as NASA’s pairing technology in the Apollo 13 project. But digital twin technology will only be able to show its full potential after IoT devices become widespread and affordable.

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Hospitals in the digital world

Electronic records, faster and more precise diagnostics, new technologies helping people get better.

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Building a successful hospital brand strategy

Previously centred on the management of disease and symptoms in a fee-for-service approach, the healthcare industry is currently focused on providing patient-oriented services with the aim of reducing costs and ensuring a better overall health outcome.

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“Digitalisation is important, but relationships still remain crucial”

We talked to Anne-Geneviève Bütikofer, Managing Director of H+ Hospitals in Switzerland.

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The Internet of Medical Things

Why it matters
What to do about it

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5 life-changing technologies in personal health

People want to have more control over their health – both to prevent it from deteriorating and manage  it when it does.

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