Embedded Developer (UI / C++)

Barcelona Professional

We are looking for an experienced firmware engineer to collaborate with one of the biggest IT software and hardware producers worldwide.

You will join a multidisciplinary team responsible for the design and delivery of the new embedded framework shared by a line of tech devices, as well as for the design, implementation and maintenance of Control Panel and Embedded Web server firmware and internal processing algorithms for said devices.

About the position


  • Develop high quality, well architected, good performance software.
  • Understand, follow and improve LFP processes including Product Life Cycle.
  • Define the User Experience vision and roadmap, implementing and qualifying it in the Control Panel and Embedded Web Server of the printer.
  • Define, implement and qualify the digital architecture of the customer’s devices, with focus on the control panel architecture. (This includes the porting of required operating systems to electrical boards providing the software layer required by the rest of the firmware to manage devices and data).
  • Collaborate with overseas teams to leverage assets among divisions.
  • Collaborate with third party partners to integrate and qualify their assets in the customers line of devices.


Must have:

  • Experience as a software developer (At least 5 years).
  • In-depth understanding of modern operating systems (specially Linux).
  • In-depth C++ working knowledge.
  • Orientation to quality and process. You must be capable of managing automated testing infrastructure and planning improvements in QA and QC areas.
  • Advanced written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Ability to work in a teamwork atmosphere.
  • Ability to make in-depth technical or business contributions working with other engineers.
  • Initiative and ability to plan and manage tasks, as well as working collaboratively within and outside one’s main team.

Nice to have:

  • In-depth understanding of Java, web server architectures such as Apache, and GUI technologies such as Nokia Qt.
  • Experience in embedded software development.
  • Experience in real time operating systems and tool chains.
  • Experience in concurrent programming.
  • Experience in multithreaded and/or multi-process systems, understanding usage of synchronization primitives, different communication paradigms, mutual exclusion, producer-consumer schemes, memory sharing, data communication and priority assignment.
  • Experience in code debugging: usage of debuggers and (desirable) tracing tools, memory corruptions and leakage detection and correction, stack analysis.
  • Knowledge of interchange formats such as PDF and typical CAD, and Design applications such as AutoCAD or Adobe CS Suite.
  • Experience in state machine design and implementation, event driven control, complex error detection and recovery synchronization between multiple devices with multiple states.
  • Experience working within distributed teams.
  • Knowledge and ability to work with STL.
  • Experience with distributed control and communication protocols (i.e. RPCs, XDR, CORBA, …).
  • Knowledge of scripting languages such as TCL and Perl.


  • Permanent contract.
  • Full Home Office on Covid and at least 3 days/week after.
  • Home Office monthly expenses compensation + extend working set up (ergonomic chair, 2 screens…).
  • Self-managed flexible working hours 40h/week +/- 10%.
  • Friday intensive shift.
  • Private medical insurance for you and a competitive flat rate price for your relatives.
  • 100% salary coverage for sick leave.
  • Free language courses: English, Spanish and German.
  • Gym funding.
  • Transportation bonus for non-Barcelona/Madrid city working locations.
  • Re-allocation funding from 1.000€ to 2.000€ depending on the source country.
  • Flexible payroll.
  • Candidates referral program bonus from 1.000€ to 3.000€ depending on the candidate seniority level.
  • Business opportunity referral program bonus from 500€ to 5.000€ depending on the opportunity size and customer.
  • Learning Paths and Technical Coaches in our main Expertise Areas: DevOps, Agile, QA, Cloud, AI, Data, Software Development.
  • Paid certifications in our Expertise Areas: DevOps, Agile, QA, Cloud, AI, Data, Software Development.
  • Rewarded certifications from 200€ to 1.400€ per certification depending on the certification subject and level, in addition to the paid exam.
  • On-line and on-demand paid trainings in platforms such as Pluralsight or Udemy on our Expertise Areas.
  • Events paid under request for topics related to our Learning Paths.
  • Internal technical trainings done by our Subject Matter Experts.
  • Internal Soft-Skills trainings with external trainers as main part of our learning curriculum.

About the recruiter

Arjona Luis Alberto (ERNI)

Email: [email protected]

Trust, Passion, Responsibility and Independence

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