Node.js Developer

Barcelona Senior

​One of our clients from the e-mobility industry is developing a platform to monitor the products they have on their clients.

We are looking for a professional with experience in Node.js to develop the web system platform that will have different functionalities to allow the support team to provide a better assistance to customer issues.

About the position


  • Work in a agile team with Product Owners and Testers.
  • Design the web platform architecture based on microservices.
  • Develop the web platform back-end.
  • Create unit tests.
  • Work together with front-end developers for API integration.
  • Work together with testers to find the best approach to build a quality product.


  • 3 or more years of experience with Node.js.
  • Experience with microservices, unit testing, sql databases, Jenkins and CI/CD.
  • Proven experience working with agile teams.
  • High level of English (at least a high B2 level).


  • Permanent contract.
  • Full Home Office on Covid an at least 3 days/week after.
  • Home Office monthly expenses compensation + extend working set up (ergonomic chair, 2 screens…).
  • Self-managed flexible working hours 40h/week +/- 10%.
  • Friday intensive shift.
  • Private medical insurance for you and a competitive flat race price for your relatives.
  • 100% salary coverage for sick leave.
  • Free language courses: English, Spanish, German.
  • Gym funding.
  • Transportation bonus for non-Barcelona/Madrid city working locations.
  • Re-allocation funding from 1.000€ to 2.000€ depending on the source country.
  • Flexible payroll.
  • Candidates referral program bonus from 1.000€ to 3.000€ depending on the candidate seniority level.
  • Business opportunity referral program bonus from 500€ to 5.000€ depending on the opportunity size and customer.
  • Learning Paths and Technical Coaches in our main Expertise Areas: DevOps, Agile, QA, Cloud, Al, Data, Software Development.
  • Paid certifications in our Expertise Areas: DevOps, Agile, QA, Cloud, Al, Data, Software Development.
  • Rewarded certifications from 200€ to 1.400€ per certification depending on the certification subject level, in addition to the paid exam.
  • On-line and on-demand paid trainings in platforms such as Pluralsight or Udemy on our Expertise Areas.
  • Events paid under request for topics related to our Learning Paths.
  • Internal technical trainings done by our Subject Matter Experts.
  • Internal Soft-Skills trainings with external trainers as main part of our learning curriculum.

About the recruiter

Garrido Ovalles Ester

Email: [email protected]

Trust, Passion, Responsibility and Independence

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