A cyclist full of energy, a passionate painter, a handball player jumping in the air with a clear goal to score: Anyone who is currently looking at the external presentation of ERNI can see a clear move. Our new visual language has changed. We still work with our own employees. Previously, however, situations of consulting were at the centre of their work – fiduciary, reserved, serious – but in the new ERNI visual language the employees are practising their hobbies.

Why the change? And what did it do? First and foremost, we wanted to portray the hardworking employee. Being a consultant demands a lot from the employee: he must be competent, committed and friendly, courteous. But pictures from the office world simply cannot convey these characteristics and the emotions associated with them.But in leisure time, in sport, in the exercise of a hobby, precision, endurance, passion, energy or even determination can be captured much more clearly in pictures. We wanted to give employees the opportunity to present these characteristics and emotions from their hobby – in our new visual language – which also describe them in the exercise of their profession. And this is how we approached our employees. We wanted to know more about them: What moves you outside the office, what are your hobbies, what personality is in the person who develops lines of code? The result was overwhelming.

Many of our employees, from all of our 13 locations, wanted to become part of the new image. A basketball player from Spain, a conductor from Romania, a diver from the Philippines or passionate musicians from Switzerland. We accompanied and photographed them. Sweat bathed, highly concentrated, passionate. The list is long, numerous shootings are still to come. The presented employees are actively approached in the office and thus get into conversation with other employees with whom they may not have had so much to do before. A Slovak colleague, who is active as a climber, even created a small climbing group after we published his shooting.

The passionate, private side reveals: “Every day, they take their passion for their hobby to the office.” We work hard and with passion for the customer and bring our commitment to the project.

The change is most clearly visible on the new ERNI website. A few weeks ago their go-live was under the domain www.betterask.erni. The latest news shows a lively picture of the activities of our employees and our company and shows that people are at the centre of ERNI. As the next step we will also stage our teams. We will look internally for the best, hungriest, fastest, smartest, most passionate teams.

by Pavo Prskalo

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