In our Insider Tips Series, this time we chose to present one colleague who is Bernese – through and through. Christian Schumacher, Principal Consultant at our office in Berne was born in Berne and never lived anywhere else for a longer period during the past 43 years except a 6-month-stay in Belfast. Chris studied in the U.K. abroad for some time but otherwise is Swiss through and through.

Chris Schumacher
  • Typical food you would advise people to try: The first things that come to mind for everyone are cheese and chocolate, however, the cheese comes in different sorts. E.g., fondue, melted cheese being eaten with small bread cubes put on a fork and dipped into the cheese. Delicious ?

  • Typical drink: Rivella is originally a drink made from milk whey and used to be only two types – blue and red. They were the same in taste only with a slight difference but now you get very many tastes, e.g. with green tea extract rhubarb or elderflower.
  • The most beautiful place: Well, the most beautiful city in Switzerland according to me is Bern. But besides, there are so many beautiful places in Switzerland, the marvellous nature, that it is very hard to choose.
Bern, capital city of Switzerland, during dramatic sunset.
  • Most famous sight: I would say, it is the most famous mountain Matterhorn. It lies in the South on the Italian border. The shape of it is said to have inspired the shape of the Toblerone.

  • Mostly used greeting in the local language: Grü-essech
  • Famous personality: Before I came to ERNI, I was working for the Red Cross, therefore, it is Henri Dunant, the founder of the organisation. The idea he had is the foundation of charity and working for people in need. For me, this stands for the main Swiss values. Interesting to mention is also that in 1901 he received the first Nobel Peace Prize together with Frédéric Passy, which made him the first Swiss Nobel laureate.
  • Typical dessert: Chocolate mousse or fruit salad. When you go to a restaurant there are many different desserts to choose from, but the chocolate mousse is the one that is always there.

  • Recommended means of transport: Public transport in Switzerland is very good. You can get a ticket that you can use everywhere in Switzerland. Trains are the best to move between bigger cities and the most punctual.

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