How was your time at ERNI? What did you learn/gain there?

My time at ERNI was wonderful. I couldn’t have dreamed of having a better part-time job during my studies. I worked as a CRM Support in the marketing team in Slovakia. I’ve learned plentiful useful things in marketing, mainly in customer relationship management (CRM) and content marketing. ERNI has also brought many awesome people into my life. And a boyfriend too.

Did the experiences you got at ERNI help you in your new position?

Definitely. Thanks to ERNI, I mainly figured out what I would like to do after finishing my journalism degree – connect journalism and marketing together. So, here I am now, doing content marketing and copywriting. Also, this experience helped me to improve both my copywriting and interview skills. Needless to say that thanks to ERNI’s international activity, my English has improved as well.

Our Alumni, Our Reputation

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