How was your time at ERNI? What did you learn/gain there?

My time at ERNI was very fruitful in terms of the variability of roles I had the chance to fulfil, experiences I gathered along the way, different cultures I could meet and learn from, and realising how unique people are in different parts of the world. ERNI provided space to grow in the direction I wanted. We shared ownership by guiding customers to develop the best of their products, supported each other at ERNI in delivering professional results and built tailor-made solutions addressing the challenges of the current age. And not to forget, being given possibilities to educate myself, I was able to run that IT consulting marathon.

Did the experiences you got at ERNI help you in your new position?

In my new position as an Agilist and Scrum Master, I am constantly building upon experiences I gathered during the agile projects ERNI ran with its customers. I try to apply the knowledge and lessons learnt I gathered from ERNI as Project Lead, Scrum Master as well as Product Owner, together with an education in direction scaling agile, to the complex environment at my new job, guiding my teams in agile transformation.

Our Alumni, Our Reputation

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