Whether virtual, augmented or mixed reality – technologies that can be used to expand people’s experience of the real world are on the verge of making the breakthrough. ERNI is involved in several customer projects where the business objective is to reduce cost and errors, and improve productivity and efficiency.

Virtual reality originated back in the 1960s when scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) embellished reality with computer graphics.

Over the course of time, three possible ways of enhancing one’s own experience of reality have evolved in the form of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). In common parlance, people generally refer to all three technologies as virtual reality even though there are considerable differences in some areas.

“By augmenting our reality, we can make the process of digital transformation more efficient and powerful.”

For the solutions that are proposed by the ERNI consultants are always based on the specific areas of use and the customer’s requirements. For example, a fully immersive VR solution may not be an option for an application in a warehouse. This is because logistics workers have to find their way between the storage racks and use the information shown on their glasses to find the quickest route to an item to prepare it for dispatch. The item’s status changes in the logistics system when it is looked at by the glasses and automatically scanned.

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