Teodor Vasile
Professional Consultant
ERNI Germany


My first year at ERNI was amazing. Six months ago, I promised myself that the practice of self-reflection would become my habit, and so with that objective, I’ve reflected on the last 6 months within the ERNI family.

Today, I am very glad to be still involved in the same project with its focus on MedTech and Software Engineering. I started almost at the very beginning of the development and there are confident indications that I will be involved until the development is finished. For some people it might be boring to be part of a project for more than 12 months, yet for me personally it was a goal right from the start to be part of the development from the very beginning to its end.


This way, I am gaining full experience with respect to the development of a state-of-the-art MedTech product. As an Embedded Systems Engineer, I am not only involved in the programming of new features but I am also in permanent exchange with the other departments, like the Hardware, Electrical or Validation & Verification Teams. This has helped me a lot in the last couple of months to extend my horizons in areas like software testing, software integration and also in fields like industrial design.


Furthermore, my programming skills have improved and my understanding of the customer-specific programming framework in which we are working has become more familiar to me. Combining these two led me to contribute to the design of the hardware abstraction layer of our software component, which I am very proud of.

An important milestone during these months was the integration week I spent on the customer site in Switzerland last fall, when we integrated the hardware (the machine itself) and the software into the whole system for the first time. This experience was extremely important for understanding how the developed product fits into the bigger picture and what requirements it must meet. This integration wasn’t devoid of errors and failures; in order to reach our goal and pass the tests, we had to react fast and solve the problems efficiently. This experience was very valuable and helped us in the following integration. These are the moments which we are working for – moments when everyone involved in the project is “holding their breath” for the duration of these 5 days, waiting for updates and good news. I am proud to be part of the team.

A further milestone in our project has been the migration to the prototype version of the product, thus moving one step closer to the final product.

Since June last year, I have also been participating in various internal ERNI events like the 2019 Hack N’ Hike, ERNI Introduction Rookie Day and the kick-off of the ERNI UNBOSS programme. These events were not only very useful in connecting with new colleagues but also in developing better social skills and building solid team collaborations. In addition to being recreational and relaxing, these kinds of events lead to some clear actions, such as the organisation and preparation of future ERNI Germany Meetups on technical and organisational topics, and improve our team spirit while helping new colleagues to integrate fast and incorporate the UNBOSS mentality.


The perspectives at ERNI Germany are bright for me as this year I am taking part in the ERNI Senior programme and will be completing the project at the customer. I am looking forward to contributing to the development of ERNI services in the area of IoT and tackling new topics like client acquisition or sales, which will surely complement a 2020 full of successes and accomplishments.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues for making every working day fun and for contributing to such a good team spirit. Also, I am thankful that the mid- and long-term vision of ERNI matches my personal perspectives. Having found a role in which I feel comfortable and through which I can easily gather new skills and improve my current ones suits my professional expectations perfectly. Moreover, the personification of a bigger responsibility on customer site and within the company keeps me focused and hungry day by day. Last but not least, I want thank Martin Bott, MD at ERNI Germany, for decisively contributing to my growth in this last year, giving me confidence and the power to decide.

Enjoy your work every day and stay motivated!


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