Zuzana Gočová

Hiker and Scrum Master


Are you looking for method-based consulting services?
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ERNI advises companies from various sectors on how they can use information technologies most efficiently and how they can exploit them to create innovations in products or services.

Our consultants rely on an integrated approach, interdisciplinary know-how and transparent communication. They work with the customers to develop ideas, strategies and tactics that can be reliably implemented in practice and deliver economic benefits.

Our consulting offer ranges from advising on innovations, business consulting and supporting transformation projects, through to the optimization of development processes and the design of user interfaces.

Successful companies constantly innovate in their field of business. ERNI consults their customers on how they can apply structured innovation management methods to generate ideas for new products or services that offer real benefits to their customers.

ERNI also demonstrates how existing processes can gradually be improved or the existing business model can be radically disrupted.

The ERNI offering “Innovation as a Service” supports the whole innovation process from developing an idea through to the implementation of a solution that offers measurable added value.

Alfredo Pulcrano
Singer and ICT Admin


ERNI is providing partnership-based technology services.

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Urs Koepfli
Trumpetist and Senior Requirements Engineer


ERNI is providing cost-conscious delivery services.

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