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The world of business is developing at an ever-faster pace. Many standard processes in IT release management or in software product development can no longer keep up. An increasing demand at our customers to scale-up their software development capacities combined with an increasing cost pressure in several industries has led ERNI to create its software delivery service offering. Our software delivery offering ranges from managed services, development partnerships and turnkey projects, maintenance & operations services to on-site support.

The outsourcing of software development and lifecycle processes to an external managed services partner can reduce the workload for companies, boost their performance and save a great deal of time and money. In this model, the customer pays on the basis of the "outcome" achieved and controls the cooperation flexibly via a service level agreement. In addition, it enables companies to push their own digital transformation.

Smaller companies are then also able to benefit faster from sophisticated technologies such as cloud computing, virtualisation, augmented reality or the Internet of Things. As a medium-sized service provider, ERNI is able to offer managed services solutions which are customised to suit our customers and their needs.


ERNI is providing method-based consulting services.

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ERNI is providing partnership-based technology services.

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