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At ERNI, we believe the digitalisation is important across industries. Listen to new ERNI Podcast and learn more.

What is the Internet of Medical Thing?

Healthcare is facing numerous challenges. As our population ages and the cost of care increases, the healthcare industry must find innovative ways to solve operational, clinical, and financial challenges. Technology allows these devices to generate, collect, analyse and transmit data, creating the Internet of Medical Things: a connected infrastructure of health systems and services. Explore more in the podcast.

Brand Experience

Customers today interact with a brand at many different touchpoints – with products and services, through social networks or at events. In order to create a positive brand experience, you don’t need to focus so heavily on the individual touchpoints, but instead adopt a holistic approach.

Digital Twins – technology with high potential

Today, more and more companies – from the manufacturing sector to the engineering industry – are starting to use such technology to optimise products, refine processes and predict possible failures. Digital twin – a complex computer program that implements a unique one-to-one correspondence to the object. Listen to the podcast.

Scrum: What Scrum is and why should you choose it?

There are plenty of project management methodologies, so what makes Scrum so special and how can we compare it to traditional project management frameworks? Scrum helps in evolving the product using an iterative and incremental life cycle approach. Listen to the podcast.

Digital skills needed

With digitalisation running across industries, healthcare is not exempt from improving its current level of service quality at lower cost. Listen to the podcast.

Even in Augmented Reality, your mindset will set the tone of innovation

Augmented reality has been around for a while now. With its broad possibilities, it is a well of benefits for the businesses. At ERNI, our consultants can help even inexperienced companies to embrace this new technology. In this podcast, we talk about it more in detail.

Intelligent Apps: A new man’s best friend

Intelligent apps are the core of smart businesses. They are, just as their name suggests, AI-enabled apps that use machine learning. In our newest podcast you'll learn why these apps are a new man's best friend.


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