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Business & Engineering

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Business & engineering


Leave a lasting impression on your customers: Due to a rapidly changing environment, customers expect more from brands today than ever before. ERNI's experts bridge the gap between brand promises and customer expectations to help you create unique customer experiences.

ERNI employs over 800 technology experts, creatives, consultants and analysts. Through the interplay of data and emotions, ERNI helps you to exploit the existing growth potential on the Internet.

Branding and design solutions

Stand out from the competition: The main goal of our branding and design solutions is to noticeably differentiate your own products and services from the competition. We also support you in anchoring yourself in the customer's consciousness across all channels and in achieving a higher recognition value for your brand. Provide your customers with more orientation and radiate trust online.


Increase your business turnover: E-business automates processes and increases productivity. ERNI experts develop a customised e-business concept for you and implement it in full. We offer professional content service for your products and services and guarantee 24/7 maintenance and support for your shops –- so that you can sell day and night, even across national borders.

Customer experience management

Increase the emotional connection to your customers: In customer experience management, we take care of building and strengthening positive customer experiences. The goal is to increase the emotional bond between your company and the users. We help you to integrate all points of customer perception – from product development to the initial contact with the provider and the actual purchase to the use of your products and services always with the aim of turning satisfied customers into loyal customers and loyal customers into "enthusiastic ambassadors" of the brand.

Digital marketing

Use the possibilities of online marketing to achieve your business goals: From increasing brand awareness to closing a sale, we will work with you to develop the right strategy and target your groups with the right content at the right time on digital channels (website, Google, social media). One of the advantages of online marketing is the measurability of the advertising impact.

Marketing organisation optimisation

The market is changing rapidly, but in many companies marketing has not been adapted to the changing market situation. There is potential for optimisation that needs to be identified in order to maintain competitiveness. We support you in strengthening your organisation so that you can achieve your goals online. With an optimised marketing organisation, you ensure increases in turnover, more customers and, for example, also a higher number of applications.