Agile Transformation & DevOps Service

Alfredo Pulcrano

Singer and ICT Supporter

Agile Transformation & DevOps Service

We enable our customers so they can follow their own agile journey
better ask ERNI

  • At ERNI we perform coaching, trainings and certifications for teams or organizations
  • The ERNI Agile Coverage Analysis is good starting point for successful collaboration
  • Our aim is to become your trusted advisor for the agile transformation

At ERNI, you are …

  • Getting experienced consultants with a variety of known "agile" patterns
  • Getting consultants embracing the lean-agile mindset
  • Having access to variety of experienced consultants supporting their consultant on-site
  • Having a neutral leader guiding them through their own journey

Your Challenge

  • Reduce waste less overhead and more focused work
  • Introduce fast learning cycles adopt your defined process on the go
  • Increase efficiency stay ahead of competitors
  • Improve team spirit and culture increase employee satisfaction through higher commitment and responsibility

Three main principles for enterprises wanting to go Agile

How well-established companies can embrace agile

SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework) course for soon to be internal SAFe Agilists

Interested in Agile?
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