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As a technology consulting company, digital competence is key for us. A never-ending journey in which new trends can be discovered every single day. We at ERNI therefore also see ourselves as scouts. As explorers of new continents constantly seeking out the latest trends and separating the wheat from the chaff. What has a lasting impact on the business of our customers and what is just short-term hype? Therefore we are currently focusing on six technology topics, but without neglecting other mega trends – for example the blockchain.

We help our customers to introduce fully digitised workplaces that provide all the required applications, information and services on one single interface and can also be accessed on the move at any time.

This is because digitised workplaces deliver greater flexibility and agility in a company and, thanks to the improved flow of information between the different divisions, help to ensure that employees work with a higher level of satisfaction and greater motivation. However, at ERNI we are aware that such projects are not primarily about new technologies.

Instead, such projects need to focus also on how people can work and cooperate with each other successfully. At ERNI, we support our customers and our employees by enabling concrete solutions towards a more healthy, efficient and cost-saving way of working.


ERNI is providing method-based consulting services.

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ERNI is providing cost-conscious delivery services.

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