Software Development Excellence

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Software Development Excellence

"In software engineering, we add the finishing touches to the data-supported use of customised software to map specific business processes."
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Software Engineering & Architecture

In software engineering, we add the finishing touches to the data-supported use of customised software to map specific business processes. By the way, software that’s developed specifically for you is not the ‘only’ benefit. Our comprehensive engineering expertise in architecture, implementation, testing and maintenance ensures a strategically optimised result from day one.
One of the first decisions in software development always relates to its architecture. After all, this aspect immediately defines essential properties such as modifiability, maintainability, security and performance. Our experts are therefore, always at your side, even in this particularly important and critical phase of the software development process.
Whether we are building software from scratch or creating targeted upgrades of custom solutions, we do not act until we have fully understood your specific issues and objectives. Let’s not forget: This is the only way to make the best decisions for your company – together! Within this framework, software engineering is the foundation for the digital enhancement of your products and services, regardless of whether you are developing a new ‘greenfield’ solution. Or modernising a current model.

Software Quality Assurance

Your application only has one chance to inspire the user: So a successful software application must adhere to impeccable quality standards and satisfy its users’ needs. What are the standards? Performance, flawless functionality and a simple user experience. The secret to long-term success is, therefore to establish an appropriate quality assurance strategy at an early stage.

Optimisation potential and continued development of existing standards are built on a profound understanding of how mature the software quality assurance actually is. The most vital tool: Preparing a roadmap with milestones. It will, after all, lead to straightforward and quick improvements in the identified fields of action.
Here are some questions you must answer as a matter of urgency for verification and validation in the implementation of your product: Is the test team big enough? Will the regression campaign be automatic, manual or hybrid? Which type of functional tests are best suited to the solution? Does the system even need non-functional tests? How should we handle the traceability of requirements? By answering these and other questions, you will take a big step towards meeting the quality standards that are placed in your product.

Embedded & Firmware

You need an embedded software solution that’s highly effective in the collection, processing and visualisation of data and that communicates smoothly with connected devices? No problem. But to use your devices as smart and connected products, the embedded software solution must be tailored to the complexity of the specific hardware.
ERNI is set to provide advice and practical assistance. Because with us as your software partner, quickly realised, testable prototypes mature over the course of the development process into maintainable systems that are ready for series production.

Embedded systems are complex electronic devices, and most of them today are dependant on firmware or software. In most cases, sensors, actuators and communication interfaces are used to interact with the individual system environment, mostly in real time.
What is a problem: Many of these systems rely on temporary (or even permanent) connections to servers and service providers on the internet. Successful implementation of embedded projects hinges on sound technical principles and modern methods of agile software development.

Solution & Application Service

You have a digitalisation idea, want to launch a new software product or automate a service. But your in-house software developers lack the capacity or a suitable standard application for successful implementation?

Help may be at hand: You can collaborate on development with a specialised external solution partner like ERNI. After all, our support goes way beyond development itself. We can also assist with upgrades, maintenance and application support.

Interdisciplinary teams are crucial elements for the success of an external application development. That’s why we assist your in-house industry and technical specialists. By deploying experienced business and technology consultants, for example. They are, of course, accompanied by recognised experts in the fields of user experience design, software architecture or data and software engineering.

In their work, our teams adhere strictly to the principles of agile project methodology. They work with you in this way to create the best solution, which they can also implement on your behalf if necessary. The major advantage: Thanks to its consistently careful and prudent planning, the finished solution lays a strong foundation for future requirements as well. And: High-quality and reliable application service management guarantees the long-term maintenance and continued development of your application, even after it is up and running. The success of your company is guaranteed as well.

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