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"The success of your business therefore depends on regular adaptation of your design and CX strategy to suit current requirements and new technologies."
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Design and customer experience (CX) looks at both the customer and the company side - equally. Usability, inspiration and simplicity of software solutions should therefore go hand in hand with your requirements - or the organisational units in your company responsible for a process, a service or a product - as the client (and the organisational units in your company responsible for a process, a service or a product).

We use proven, agile and fast methodologies such as user research, ideation and thorough prototyping and testing to get you where you want to go. Without protracted development processes.

In addition, it is important to consider that many of today’s customers and users of your products and services will be quite knowledgeable. They are highly connected due to progressive digitalisation and significantly bolder than before.
The result: Modern users and operators demand seamless, persuasive and personalised experiences. As a provider, the success of your business therefore depends on regular adaptation of your design and CX strategy to suit current requirements and new technologies.

Design Thinking

You have a complex issue in connection with a particular process, digital service or product. But solving the problem is becoming a protracted affair due to incomplete or contradictory information or rigid mindsets among many of the people involved?

How to get out of this dilemma: Design thinking does more than just eliminate old habits. It helps you to find the right solution as a team! Therefore, we are happy to apply a methodical, creative and iterative approach to gradually develop a real understanding of the product’s end users in co-creation with you and your target audiences.
We then take the ensuing ideas and variants to build prototypes that bring the concept to life. Last but not least, testing the prototypes with future users facilitates the ideation process and precise planning of the next steps.

Service Design

User and customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly important. Especially for digital products and services. Using service design to expand customer centricity at your company does more than just enhance satisfaction among your customers and employees. It makes your company more efficient at the same time. And: Integrating the company’s internal perspective into the customer journey improves process orchestration in service delivery – and in doing so strengthens customer loyalty!

We collaborate closely with you and your customers in a first step to identify all touchpoints. Building on this, we then provide assistance in developing ideas – for instance with meaningful user journeys, service design blueprints, prototyping or continuous testing. Finally, we prepare joint plans on how to put the created and evaluated solutions into practice according to agile principles. Which we then implement in efficient design and development sprints.

Customer Experience Design

CX and UX design describes how users interact with – or rather experience – products and services. In this context, CX refers to all customer interactions with your company, whereas UX describes only the interactions with a single product.

Your challenges: Excellent customer and user experience is exerting a growing influence on a company’s success. We therefore collaborate with you in a strategic and structured approach to identify the most important requirements, wishes and goals that need to be fulfilled. Our clear focus throughout the process: Your economic and technical specifications. After all, it is impossible to create positive user experiences without knowing who they are – while still achieving the company objectives.
We therefore join with you in lean and agile design processes to test the most promising concepts, prioritise functionalities and in doing so shed unnecessary workloads in the phase of development. With ERNI at your side, proven methodologies such as strategy, user research, ideation, prototyping and user testing CX/UX design become incredibly agile and fast. What’s more, they enable you to respond directly to lessons learned. This means you can directly absorb the needs of your customers and integrate them immediately in every phase of the project.

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