Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that diversity is our strength

In our fast-paced and dynamic world, diversity is critical to helping organisations succeed. At ERNI, we recognise the importance of diversity and actively promote an inclusive corporate culture. It is our firm belief that diversity is not only important, but also a key value driver for our business.

How we support diversity

We pride ourselves on promoting the principles of equal opportunity and diversity. We believe that creating an inclusive work environment is critical to attracting and retaining the best talent. That is why we have launched several initiatives to ensure that every employee at ERNI has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Women@ERNI initiative

One of our most prominent initiatives is Women@ERNI. This initiative was created to provide an opportunity for the women in our company to better network and share ideas with each other. We believe it is important to support women in all areas of the company and provide them with a platform where they can share their ideas and experiences.

Our efforts have borne fruit, and we are proud to say that 26% of our employees on a global level are female. This is also reflected in our management ranks, where 26% of positions are also held by women. We believe that it is this diversity that makes our company stronger and more innovative.

Diversity in practice

At ERNI, we value diversity not only in terms of gender, but also in terms of nationality, background and skills. Our employees come from a variety of countries and bring with them different sets of perspectives and experiences. This diversity enriches our teams and enables us to create better solutions for our clients.

In a world characterised by change and innovation, diversity is not only a value we support, but a cornerstone of our success. At ERNI, we are passionate about creating an inclusive work environment that ensures equal opportunity for all employees.

Together we are stronger, and we are proud to be a company that embraces diversity and believes it is the key to a successful future. We invite you to become part of our diverse and dedicated ERNI family.

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