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We digitalise administrative processes, and support the rapid introduction of new services, thereby improving the citizen experience.

Innovative solutions are coming, but a lack of human resources slows digitalisation and more transformation expertise is needed. Furthermore, strict regulations and uncoordinated implementation by too many stakeholders make digital transformation in the public sector difficult.

We will work together to improve the citizen experience through innovative and collaborative software solutions. ERNI’s digitalisation approach can be used to implement new process models and solutions as well as to maintain or modernise existing systems. Together, we can introduce new and innovative citizen-centric services and improve the well-being of your citizens through initiatives that enhance their working and living environments.

What we do

Agile development of software

Do you want to reduce the deployment and operating costs for new scalable software solutions and thus open up new business areas, but at the same time still achieve fast results? We give you access to high-performance technologies and thus software development on an agile basis.

Cloud solutions provide increased productivity, greater agility and scalability, and better customer services. End customers remain at the centre of the software development process. Their paths should be determined and their needs should absolutely be understood by you. Our specialists support you in always quickly implementing prototypes and testing them with future users. This way you can successfully focus on solving the right customer challenges and save unnecessary additional efforts.

Modernise legacy system in the public sector

The public sector is facing strong demands to provide extensive digital services in good quality and as quickly as possible. A typical pain point for many organisations is the allegedly high costs of developing new digital solutions. Even modernising the current applications presents a challenge for many. Factors such as inhomogeneous requirements in the individual organisations, data silos and the varying levels of digital skills among the employees merely compound the issue.

A possible solution is the targeted inclusion of all stakeholders, combined with early (and detailed) user surveys and tests. This is a quick way to develop solutions that guarantee a positive client experience. Our digitisation experts are not only familiar with the technical challenges of modernising existing systems. We also ensure that your employees are taken along on the path to digitisation. Intensive training and consistent support for staff in the new processes and technologies are the only ways to ensure sustainable change. By proceeding in this way, you will reduce costs, improve accessibility and meet not only the needs of citizens, but also those of your workforce.

Service design in the public sector

Do you want to enhance interaction between citizens, your organisation and your services? An effective and intuitive service design strengthens collaboration with your team, in the analysis of user behaviour and in the mapping of user journeys. Finally in the testing of technologies and the use of data science methods as well.v

The success of the approach stems from the participation of a wide range of stakeholders and the design of numerous digital and physical touchpoints. Our experienced service designers consider all steps within the process and place their focus on systems and organisations. A key factor in this context is the analysis of individual customer experiences. With this information, you will be able to tailor services precisely to the needs, wishes and experiences of your clients.

Tools such as the customer journey and visualisation of internal service processes provide a completely new perspective of your own services. We support you to achieve a reduction in costs and a boost in trust between all stakeholders with these tools.

Innovation through data-driven solutions

Many aspects of your core business require effective and efficient action – and therefore your full attention. Do you want to move from a classic model to data-driven business models? Data enables you to make better decisions and thus efficiently tackle numerous challenges. This is how you remain successful in today’s business environment.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can speed up your processes and increase customer loyalty. Today, in addition to rapid availability, the clarity and precision of information is crucial for business success. We support you in this point already with the creation of interactive dashboards and reports up to data-driven new business models with highly complex information.


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