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We work for discerning companies in innovative and high-growth industries. We inspire our clients every day. To do so, we’re looking for team players for agile projects with cutting-edge technologies. People who enjoy pushing themselves and our clients to new heights. Become a part of our journey.

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Software Development

High-quality software is our goal. Software engineering is our core competence. Whether it is medical devices, banking applications, robotics solutions, or digital platforms, your software engineering knowledge and skills are in demand by our clients.

We want you, whether you are a generalist or a specialist. With us, you can be part of the most challenging projects. Our global talent pool allows for interdisciplinary projects with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds. Our projects are important to our clients. Their success is our success. They value our expertise and our people as high performers.

Data and Artificial Intelligence

The power of data. Data is a valuable asset. We use data to generate valuable information for our clients, but we also understand the limits of its application and use it carefully. Want to join our team?

Our data engineers, data analysts and AI experts work hand in hand with our clients to deliver agile projects. From analysis and prototyping to large-scale projects, every project is different, but what they all have in common is interdisciplinary teamwork. Our clients will reward your skills with great appreciation.

Platform Engineering

Focus on the software lifecycle. DevOps brings together the processes of the entire software life cycle, from development to deployment to operations. Are you at home in the DevOps mindset?

Our DevOps team is looking for engineers and consultants to work as specialists in interdisciplinary teams to analyze, automate, and accelerate work and system processes. With us, you will also set up monitoring to detect problems early on, intervene immediately and provide feedback to development. By constantly learning and improving the system, we gain the recognition and respect of our clients.


Cybersecurity demands a proactive approach where good is never enough. Our team of experts ensures the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of our clients’ digital assets through meticulous testing and evaluation.

Our team is dedicated to crafting and implementing state-of-the-art security solutions, shielding our clients’ invaluable assets. Our clients demand seamless protection against evolving cyber risks, and our global cybersecurity team is committed to delivering just that. you’ll be at the forefront of crafting and deploying sophisticated security architectures, from intricate network defenses to resilient encryption protocols.

Quality Assurance

A discipline for quality assurance experts. Good is not good enough. Our software testers ensure the quality of our clients’ products and services through their professional work. Would you like to help improve software quality while reducing costs?

Then you’ve come to the right place. You will design tests based on requirements, find bugs, and have them fixed. In addition to software optimization, you will also be responsible for test management and test automation. Our clients want their software to run smoothly, to exceed their expectations, and to create value for them. Our international testing team is responsible for this.

Project Management

Successful projects through planning and leadership. Those who plan, learn. That’s why our project managers learn from every project, hone their skills, methods and techniques, and continually deepen their knowledge.

Project management orchestrates the project team and ensures the success of the project for our clients. If you are a project manager, you are more than welcome to join us. Would you like to work with us to manage projects for international conglomerates? We will ask a lot of you, but also place great trust in you. We will give you room to maneuver and responsibility, and require that you protect the interests of our clients, of ERNI and of the members of your project team. You are a master at this. All stakeholders will recognize your accomplishments and you will grow with each project. Many of our project managers go on to further their careers, whether it is with us or in the marketplace.


Agility as a recipe for success. With us, you can not only implement agile working in projects, but you can also accompany our customers on their way to more agility.  Agile working is often the engine behind innovation. SCRUM, Kanban and SAFe are not foreign words to you and you are at home in agility?

Our team specializes in overcoming challenges with agile methods. Together with our customers, we develop products and solutions that exceed their expectations. Through regular sprints, we focus on close collaboration, continuous improvement, and rapid adaptability to ensure our projects stay on track. If you’re interested in a career with a team of enthusiastic agile experts, join our dynamic team. Here you can shape the future of work with us.

Business Development and Sales

As consultants, we constantly have our eye on the market. Our market is highly dynamic. Services are complex and clients are demanding. Our managers interact with our clients on an ongoing basis. Support is provided by Business Development, which helps identify new business opportunities and customers, and Sales, which performs valuable work in client acquisition.

This requires in-depth knowledge of the market to understand the needs of the target audience and skilled salespeople who can sell our approach to clients. Are you skilled in business development or sales and have experience in the professional services market? Perhaps even in software engineering? Then we should talk.

Human Resources

The HR team at ERNI is a group of dedicated professionals responsible for ERNIans‘ wellbeing. Their key responsibilities include employee onboarding, training and development, compensation and benefits administration, and compliance with labor laws and regulations. They are instrumental in creating policies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as implementing initiatives that contribute to well-being and job satisfaction. 

If you want to work closely with all departments to foster a positive work culture, ERNI is your place! You will help to drive organizational effectiveness and efficiency, ensuring that people remain at the centre and receive the attention they deserve to encourage their professional development. 

Talent attraction

The recruitment team is a dynamic and strategic unit, dedicated to sourcing and attracting the best talent to drive not only ERNI’s success, but each of ERNIans’. The recruiters are not just talent attraction specialists who cover necessities from projects; they are brand ambassadors, conveying the ERNI’s mission and vision to potential ERNIans. They forge lasting connections, curating a diverse and passionate workforce that powers our cutting-edge solutions. 

The team’s efforts are integral to fostering the growth and innovation that ERNI is known for, making it an exciting and rewarding place to work for those with a passion for people. So, if you are ready to be challenged, want to grow and to be part of a high-performance team with enthusiastic colleagues who share your passion, then ERNI’s recruiting team is your next destination! 

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We will find the perfect position for you.

You already know exactly what you are looking for?
Then you might want to take a look at our current job openings.
We’re sure you’ll find a challenge that speaks to you.