Meet ERNIans


"I started working in ERNI almost 6 years ago and in all my time here, I can honestly say that I enjoyed going to work every day. The helpful colleagues, the approachable management team, the client interactions, both the quiet and the stressful days made me enjoy working here. At ERNI I learned a lot both in terms of technical skills but also personal and leadership aptitudes. The most important lesson I got here was that it's great to celebrate your successes, but you MUST learn from your failures."

"Lately, I have been looking for new professional challenges and get out of my comfort zone. ERNI gave me the opportunity to pursue both project leadership and technical challenges. As a Team Leader I have the honor to work with great professionals, help them grow and attract new talent. As an Expert Software Engineer I have the opportunity to make hands-on contribution in the development of Java backend projects and help customers achieve success."

"Undergoing a professional reconversion during a pandemic was not such an easy thing to do. I found that ERNI was not just a great place to jump-start my career as a software developer, but also to develop it, all while enjoying a warm, understanding, and friendly setting."

"I started working at ERNI right after finishing my college studies, about a year ago. Since then, I was given the opportunity to study Java in-depth and get certified. Now I get to use everything I learned during college and my training, to deliver quality software for our clients on a daily basis. All the while, I am able to practice my German language skills and work with colleagues from home and abroad. And to top it all off, I can do all this from the comfort of my home or alongside friends and colleagues at the ERNI Cluj Development Center."

ERNI Alumnis,
our good reputation

ERNIans are more than employees at ERNI. We see the person behind. Accordingly, we understand if they should leave our company at some point for a variety of reasons. We maintain a good relationship with (almost) all of our former colleagues – and many of them find their way back to us later. We are proud of our alumni and are happy to share their stories here.

"For me, the time spent at ERNI proved to be quite an interesting period."

Radu Diaconescu – Senior Software Engineer

Besides the technical challenges of joining a new project for me one of the biggest changes was the perspective shift, a shift from the world of corporate product companies to the consulting world of companies offering highly skilled professionals directly projects which need them most. And as it turns out the values associated with this switch are very much alive in real life at ERNI: responsibility, autonomy, and trust.