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"During my more than 10 years at ERNI, I have worked on many projects in different sectors - be it the automotive industry, financial markets, electronics, chemicals, healthcare, insurance, textiles, transport or postal services. And always with other people in different places. Every project is varied, brings a breath of fresh air and I always get to react flexibly to the new challenges - without having to change employers."

"In our free time we can choose who we spend our time with, but not at work. That's not a problem at ERNI, where only nice people who think alike work. You can not only work here, but also make friends. I started working as an office manager at ERNI straight after graduating. My boss recognised my potential and thanks to the support of my colleagues I was able to complete the training in Agile. Today I am a Senior Scrum Master and have been with ERNI for almost seven years."

ERNI Alumnis,
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ERNIans are more than employees at ERNI. We see the person behind. Accordingly, we understand if they should leave our company at some point for a variety of reasons. We maintain a good relationship with (almost) all of our former colleagues – and many of them find their way back to us later. We are proud of our alumni and are happy to share their stories here.

"I had a wonderful time at ERNI."

Nikoleta Žišková
Content Manager & Copywriter @ Kickresume

I had a wonderful time at ERNI. I couldn’t have wanted for a better part-time job during my studies. I worked as CRM support in the marketing team in Slovakia. I learned a lot of useful things in marketing, especially about customer relationship management (CRM) and content marketing. ERNI also brought lots of great people into my life. A boyfriend, too.

Yes, definitely. ERNI helped me to discover what I really wanted to do after completing my degree in journalism – namely to combine journalism with marketing. So now I’m here and involved in content marketing and copywriting. The experience really helped me to hone my skills as a copywriter and interviewer. ERNI is a very international company, so I really improved my English skills as well.

"The time at ERNI was really exciting."

Miroslav Chabreček
SW Tech Leader @ Kistler Group

The time at ERNI was really exciting and I took a big step forwards in several areas. First on the list is the agile development process, which I encountered for the first time there. It really opened my eyes. Next was the leadership approach taught by the Swiss Engineering Institute. It wasn’t just theory, but embedded in the culture of ERNI – which was fascinating for me. ERNI was experiencing a growth spurt at the time, so there were plenty of opportunities for us all. I met lots of interesting, clever and motivated people there who enjoyed the atmosphere at the time.

The experiences and opportunities I received at ERNI opened the door to more challenging positions. I acquired many technical and non-technical soft skills at ERNI from which I still benefit today.

"I had a fantastic time at ERNI."

Natália Lengyelová
Head of Marketing EMEA @Tangoe

I had a fantastic time at ERNI. Thanks to my team, the projects I managed and the international environment I was exposed to every day at work. I was also fortunate to work with smart people who have not only enriched me professionally, but have also become friends for life.

Working at ERNI definitely accelerated my learning curve and I managed to develop a whole range of hard and soft skills very quickly. My experience at ERNI helped me especially to build my knowledge of marketing automation and B2B digital marketing, which became one of my strong points when I decided to apply for my next job.

At ERNI, I worked as an online marketing & project manager based in Slovakia, where I managed digital marketing campaigns as well as various internal marketing projects (website relaunch projects, info app, gTLD and intranet relaunch etc.). I am currently employed as a field marketing manager for a global IT company in Germany. I am in charge of the entire marketing for the EMEA region with the aim of generating demand and growing our business in the region.

"ERNI gave me the chance to keep moving forward on my career trajectory."

Miroslav Majstrík
Team Leader @ Metrohm

I joined ERNI in 2008 as a part-time junior developer in the final year of my university studies. From then on, I was given the opportunity to work in various roles on numerous customer projects and even to contribute to some internal ones. ERNI gave me the chance to keep moving forward on my career trajectory. In the 8 years I spent with the company, I worked on projects as a junior, professional and senior SW engineer, later as a Scrum master and PO proxy. I was appointed service unit leader in the last few years, which involved supporting my team members and communicating with various clients. I was involved in a variety of client sectors such as high-pressure casting, health diagnostics, reinsurance, safety and textile quality – not to mention SEI training, internal training and external training – so I gained a wide range of experience in the technical area, leadership, communication and recruitment.

Absolutely, yes. I am the leader of a development team and now have the opportunity to work on building a brand new development location with, at present, around 30 employees. It also operates according to agile principles. The experience of hiring people for different positions, the support in hiring the first employees in ERO and the friendship with some of them, the experience in supporting my team on the one hand and receiving support from the managing director of ESK on the other all gave me an excellent foundation to become involved in building new teams. This applies especially to working on long-term stability, sustainable, high-quality results and, most importantly, a positive atmosphere at the company.