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“In my previous experiences, I’ve never been in a company that promotes developing my technical and leadership skills as much as ERNI does.”

“ERNI is a place where you are supposed to take risks, to never stop learning, and all this made me grow with confidence as I felt trusted during all this way”

“What I value the most about ERNI is the sense of belonging: I always find support from the company and its people.”

“I am involved in the development of an advanced, flexible, and robust testware powered by top automation frameworks.”

“I value the opportunity to work on challenging and exciting projects that allow me to use my skills and expertise to make a real impact.”

“At ERNI I found projects with edge technologies, as well as the opportunity to work in highly regulated environments like MedTech, Robotics, and Automotive.”


"At ERNI I find a real Agile organization: not only in how we approach the collaboration with our customers boosting collaboration and always looking into health and value-oriented relationships, but also within their processes and culture. After three years I feel how ERNIans promote learning, knowledge sharing and most important of all, we promote helping others, our leadership culture and values, creating the perfect environment for growing and learning."

"Within ERNI, I have had the opportunity to grow and evolve within the MedTech sector, going from a Technical Writer role to being Product Owner, MedTech Expert and Lab Manager. It would not have been possible if ERNI was not a leader in the Health sector, nor an IT consulting firm specialized in providing solutions to complex projects. Personally, one of ERNI’s strengths is being employee-centric since employees are the foundation to any company’s success."

"I have recently joined ERNI and the experience has been very pleasant thanks to the treatment of my mentors, godparents, superiors and in general all the people in the office. I am at ERNI because I have been offered a growth career that does not compare to any other company I have been in, in addition to having great professionals that I can consult without problems. I would never have imagined that with a Junior profile like mine, a company could offer me such a great opportunity. For this I thank the entire ERNI team."

"I started as an Expert Consultant at ERNI, after living in Germany and Italy (with an Argentinian passport) which makes paperwork difficult for most companies, so I’ve been fortunate to be accompanied by ERNI in each step of my relocation process. In my first week, I immediately felt welcomed throughout the entire office and I found the onboarding very useful. Also, it is the first time I work for a company that is focused on helping me progress my career professionally and personally."

"I joined ERNI motivated by a new technology sector. My onboarding was surprinsingly good, the team has prepared all the resources and tasks on their boards to make my "ramp up" brief, enjoyable and effective. ERNI's philosophy is perceived from the first moment: from well-structured emails, to the quality of work, and human quality of the colleagues I'm lucky to work with. I'm happy to say that it exceeded my expectations."

"A recruitment process with transparency and information appropiate to the job. A very human, very professional team and, above all, the culture of boosting your professional career from day one with all the necessary tools. That defines ERNI."

ERNI Alumnis,
our legacy

ERNIans are more than employees at ERNI, we see the person behind. Accordingly, we understand if they should leave our company at some point for a variety of reasons. We maintain a good relationship with (almost) all our former colleagues – and many of them find their way back to us later. We are proud of our alumni and are happy to share their stories here.

"My time at ERNI has been an unforgettable and enriching experience."

Miquel Molina Montilla
Engineering Manager @ Sage

From day one, I felt an environment of support, innovation, and constant growth. The ERNI community and team in Spain are passionate and always willing to collaborate and share knowledge. It is a place where you can really grow both professionally and personally.

If someone is looking for an environment where excellence and partnership go hand in hand, I would recommend ERNI without hesitation. A step at ERNI is a step forward in your career!

"My journey at ERNI was transformative ."

Ricard Artigas Rost
Engineering Manager & Agile Coach @ Ohpen

I quickly adapted to the company, thanks to my supportive colleagues. After transitioning to management with my BUL’s guidance, I spent four incredible years in diverse roles across projects and clients. ERNI’s commitment to its people’s growth is reflected in the company’s investments in learning and development. Not to mention the enjoyable events and team-building activities.

ERNI has been a path of growth, success, challenges, and numerous opportunities that helped to propel my career. I wholeheartedly recommend ERNI to anyone seeking a fulfilling career.

"The time at ERNI was really valuable for me."

Markus Rentsch
Vice President @ Technology at Xovis AG

The time at ERNI was really valuable for me. The opportunity to take charge of staff, acquire/develop clients and implement interesting projects in an international context as a business unit leader was an excellent experience. ERNI kept evolving at the same time, with plans to move into new areas within the company. The constructive style of communication among colleagues contributed to the success and pleasant atmosphere.

The experience I gained at ERNI still helps me a lot in my current role. It is certainly one of the reasons why I am now able to accept the task. Communication and a grasp of the overall context of challenges are crucial.

"ERNI was an excellent and exciting learning environment"

Sascha Nussbaumer
Head, CSA Engineering AG

ERNI was an excellent and exciting learning environment for me, a place where I could contribute my technical knowledge and social skills. Being able to build my knowledge in customer projects is important to me.

The projects we did for customers were varied and fascinating. I was also able to work in a team at ERNI and contribute to the company’s development. I enjoyed the environment at ERNI and the very open and supportive atmosphere.

I think my time at ERNI helped me to develop in the area of social skills and people management especially. This knowledge is now very useful for me in my management position. Developing people is what matters most to me and my source of motivation. The open learning culture and management development programmes at ERNI really helped me to professionalise this skill.

At ERNI, I was a service leader in requirements engineering and user experience, although I also worked on numerous public administration projects. Now I am a partner of CSA Engineering AG in Solothurn. I am an area manager applications and work on developing our area in the field of IoT solutions.