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“The special thing about ERNI is that team spirit is particularly important. Which is of course very well supported.”

“The main skills are attention to detail and to have efficient communication skills.”

“At ERNI, we are very transparent in that we really put all problems on the table.”

“The projects are very versatile because we work for different customers and don't just have one product that we have to constantly maintain.”

“Everyone here has different expertise and different knowledge and they are ready to share it with you.”

“What I like best about ERNI is the culture, that you really get support from everyone, that you can get advice and exchange ideas.”

“Independent project work is important for us. You are given a lot of responsibility, which you should take.”


"With a handful of people, ERNI Germany was quite small compared to our other ERNI locations - but I quickly realised that a small size enables growth and growth brings opportunities. Already in my first week I had my first client meeting. We convinced the client, won the project and I took on the role of project manager for a laboratory automation project together with a great team of German and Spanish ERNIans. After two years as a consultant, I then got the chance to manage a human resources department. You could say that ERNI Germany and I grew in parallel, and I look forward to seeing even more ERNIans grow together with us."

"ERNI, for me the right choice. ERNI, definitely the right choice for me. Apart from a competent team, which in my view is unbeatable in terms of contact and expertise, at ERNI I have the opportunity to develop in all conceivable directions. This is especially the case because ERNI is active in a wide variety of projects. In addition, you can take the initiative to get involved in internal activities, and you also develop further through external training. At ERNI, one always has the impression that the employees are the focus and are considered the real capital of the company. From my point of view, this is very contemporary."

"At ERNI, I can just be myself and don't have to "dress up" in clothes or language. That's a big plus! I like being able to be my own boss at ERNI and having the freedom to organize my working hours so that I can balance my professional and private life. ERNI supports me in my individual development path, so I can set my own personal priorities and develop my career at my own pace."

"I joined ERNI seven years ago in Barcelona, with a hope of working in challenging projects and grow professionally, so that has happened, and much more than I hoped for. Have worked on different projects with different challenges on very interesting international clients. When I needed to move to Germany for personal reasons, I could find a good opportunity to keep growing my career in ERNI Germany, where I felt I could participate of the company growth in a more intense way. When I needed a change of project that would help me focus on my speciality, ERNI looked for a project that I could work on that and I stayed with a company that invest on my personal and professional growth, in a place with familiar faces where I trust I can reach higher professional levels."

ERNI Alumnis,
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ERNIans are more than employees at ERNI. We see the person behind. Accordingly, we understand if they should leave our company at some point for a variety of reasons. We maintain a good relationship with (almost) all of our former colleagues – and many of them find their way back to us later. We are proud of our alumni and are happy to share their stories here.

"I associate ERNI with a valuable time with great colleagues."

Florian Benzler
Senior Business Consultant @ OPITZ Consulting Deutschland

First and foremost, I associate ERNI with a valuable time with great colleagues. I had their complete trust from the very beginning and always challenged and supported in my development. At ERNI I was able to work independently, which made my everyday working life very pleasant. I really appreciate ERNI and the work of the ERNI employees.

"ERNI is and always will be very special for me."

Smita Metri-Jawalkar
Software Quality Assurance Analyst @ Expleo Group

I enjoyed working with ERNI where I could contribute my experiences and enhance my skills. ERNI was my first company I joined in Germany which is and always will be very special for me not just for the quality of work that is delivered but also for resource management ethics and the work life balance is extremely important and consistently worked upon. So, I am extremely grateful to ERNI for being the integral part of my career. Thank you!

"ERNI is the perfect workplace to get rolling."

Shubham Sharma
Senior Software Engineer @ Dassault Systems

If you want to feel the work life balance and enjoy working, ERNI is the perfect workplace to get rolling. Apart from attractive compensation, it also provides several additional benefits. Every company has projects, but ERNI has something different. It has, what suits your skills to get started and exactly what you need to develop further. From consistent appreciations to office parties and networking, ERNI has all what an employee would look for.

I was not an expert of current technical trends and market knowhows, but now I can say that I am on right track to develop an eye for rapidly changing technical world and create ideas for the future.