Our benefits

You are the center and we work to offer you the best.

We are committed to offering you and improving our benefits package every year, because we are different, we enjoy what we do and we always want to offer you the best.


Work while traveling

As an ERNIan you can work up to five weeks a year in any European or LATAM country.

Flexible working hours

As we believe that each employee can take responsibility for their work, at ERNI you can set flexible working hours according to your preferences, always adapting to the needs of your project and/or team.

Working from home

Not only will you have the possibility to work some days from home, but we will compensate you for the additional cost of having a remote office and you will be able to request the hardware you need.

Hybrid work

We believe it is important to maintain good relationships with ERNIans, clients and within the project team. Hence, our offices have become places to connect, while still giving you the flexibility to work from home and therefore, we are committed to a hybrid model where the presence varies from 20% to 80%. 

Vacation days

You will have 23 vacation days per year to enjoy resting, with your family or friends.

Paternity/Maternity leave

We will support you and your family with 16 weeks of maternity and paternity leave.

Intensive work on Fridays

We offer flexible working hours so that you can enjoy an intensive work shift on Fridays. This is specially designed not only to reconcile work and personal life, but also to extend the long-awaited weekend. Remember that it will always depend on and adapt to the needs of your project and/or team.


ERNI culture

Our values are transparency, honesty and communication between all company members. Our MD and each department will inform you monthly about new developments/projects and invite you to share your ideas or questions.

Team events

Each year, we organize several events where you can get to know your colleagues better. From a summer and Christmas party to various team-building activities, we have all type of events to make you feel at home. 

Welcome Day

On your first day, ERNI would like to give you a warm welcome by providing you with a welcome kit with all the materials and equipment you will need. In addition, you will be invited to enjoy your first day lunch with your Mentor.

ERNI offices

You will always find good coffee, tea and fresh fruit in our offices.

Anniversary celebrations

We like celebrating two important milestones in your ERNI career, your fifth and tenth anniversary, with a celebration where all your colleagues will share a few words of thanks plus receive a special package at home and additional compensation on your payroll that month.

Personal milestones

We prepare celebrations to commemorate your personal milestones and you will receive some details if you have a birthday, get married or have children.

Gym discounts

We offer you subscriptions to gyms and other sports centers at a reduced price.  

Health insurance

We offer you health and travel insurance. We offer private health insurance and 100% pay in case of illness.

Support in important situations

In order to strengthen our commitment to work-life balance and our willingness to be close to you in your daily life and important moments, we offer you a set of services and benefits, free of charge, to help you and your family in a wide range of services, such as legal consultations, personal assistance, etc.

Financial security

Relocation bonus

If you come from abroad, we will help you settle in and become part of our company with a relocation bonus ranging from 1.000€ to 2.000€, depending on the type of relocation (national, European or international).

Flexible compensation

You will be able to convert certain portions of your salary into various options, such as a mobility bonus, meal vouchers, a kindergarten allowance, or insurance for an additional person and take advantage of the tax deduction.

Permanent contract

There is always a project for you to continue working with us. If your project ends, we will work in weekly meetings to find a project that fits your expectations and growth, so don’t worry about that!


Career map

By being part of ERNI you will have a map for your career development, where you will have guidance on the steps you need to take to go further professionally, and you will be informed about the levels of experience and skills you can learn.

Godparent program

During your first days at ERNI you will have a colleague who will guide and assist you in whatever you need. You will be able to ask him/her all the questions and concerns you may have daily.

Continuing education opportunities

ERNI helps you obtain additional certifications. You can enroll in more than 500 part-time programs, such as master’s or postgraduate courses, and ERNI will cover 80% of the costs.

Referral program

With our ‘Candidate Referral Program’ you can help us grow and you will receive an additional bonus if you refer a candidate with a profile that can fit into one of our projects. The bonus is paid according to the career level and how you met him or her and varies between 2.000€ and 6.000€. You will also receive between 500€ and 5.000€ if you refer business opportunities to us. In this case, the amount will depend on the type of client and the scope of the project.

High-value training

After one year at ERNI, you will have the chance to enroll in +500€ executive, masters or postgraduate courses. 80% of the total amount will be paid by the company.

Language courses

We help you improve your language skills in English, German or Spanish with courses fully paid for by ERNI.

Sponsored and rewarded certifications

Learn new technologies and grow professionally in the areas that interest you most. In addition to the certification cost, we will pay you between 200€ and 1.400€ for each certificate achieved.

Personal development plan

At ERNI you will be accompanied by a Mentor, who will meet with you once a year to discuss your strengths, milestones, goals achieved and to be achieved. You will develop a personal development plan that offers personalized and quality support.

Soft skills

ERNI offers you a personal skills training program to help you achieve your professional goals. In addition to communication and consulting training, we also give you access to the LinkedIn Learning platform.

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