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An effective embedded software solution is critical for seamless data collection, processing, and communication between networked devices. Our expertise and experience are key to the successful implementation of complex electronic devices with real-time capabilities, sensors, actuators, and communication interfaces. We provide sound engineering principles and modern agile software development methodologies to ensure the success of your embedded projects.

Embedded software require in-depth knowledge of microcontrollers, embedded operating system platforms, project management, and quality assurance. Our team leverages these diverse skills to develop customised solutions that are tailored to your needs. We specialise in addressing both the hardware and software aspects of embedded systems. With ERNI as your embedded engineering partner, you are well on your way towards intelligent, connected products.

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What we do

Firmware for Microcontroller

Microcontrollers – long established as a low-power, flexible and affordable solution for time-critical systems. However, the areas in which they are used have grown exponentially in recent years. This stems from the technological developments and innovations in this sector.

With our long-standing experience and technology competence, we support you and your project by developing and implementing a software solution that’s tailored precisely to your needs. Anything is possible – from low-level bare metal firmware to RTOS-based solutions (FreeRTOS, SafeRTOS).

Embedded Linux

Linux is currently one of the  most popular operating systems for embedded solutions. It is completely adaptable and catches the eye with a broad range  of tools and real-time extensions.

That’s why we prefer to support your project with your own Yocto distribution or with standard Linux distributions like Debian or Ubuntu. Ultimately, we use our expertise in the development of POSIX software and open source tools to adapt Linux to the precise requirements of your project, for less complexity and quicker success.

Mobile applications

No modern platform can afford to do this without Android and iOS applications. After all, they are a great way to increase its availability.

That’s why we evaluate the most suitable solutions in this area, depending on your requirements and wishes. Specifically, this means: Hybrid and native apps for Android, iOS, cross-platform applications with Qt, C++ and more.


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