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Bringing ideas to life

Whether it is a fundamental new development or the targeted further development of an individual piece of software, we do not act until we have truly understood the specific problem and your objectives. You are at the forefront of the digital evolution of your products and services. Our comprehensive engineering expertise in architecture, implementation, testing, and maintenance ensures an optimal outcome from the outset.

We always establish a well thought-out concept before we start writing clean and efficient code. This saves time, resources, and costs. To achieve this goal, our specialists work together in an interdisciplinary manner and use agile methods and frameworks such as Scrum to respond flexibly to changes in the development process.

What we do

Technology consulting

Are you also struggling to identify the optimal digital technologies for your current – and future – business models? The implications of technological transformation are all too quickly overestimated, but unfortunately underestimated in some cases as well.

Based on a dynamically evolving, modern technology stack, enterprise architecture management (EAM) plays a crucial role in the digital development of your business. A key element in this context is the definition of a digital strategy that accommodates IT operations and infrastructure as well as your products and innovations. With our wealth of interdisciplinary experience and long-standing expertise in a wide range of technologies, we accompany you throughout the entire decision-making process – all the way to an incremental implementation roadmap.

Ongoing technical risk assessments are becoming increasingly important in this context, for instance to identify risks at system, solution or corporate level and to establish suitable control mechanisms. Enterprise-wide IT risk management and the monitoring of information systems help to improve how your business is protected.

Software engineering for tailor-made solutions

You want to implement a new business idea, an innovative digitalisation project or to put these ventures into practice. But there is no standard solution available? If so, you will most likely require custom software development.

Our independent software engineering expertise enables you to implement your specific needs in no time at all. This is because our agile software engineering draws on an extensive and independent technology portfolio. Naturally, we join with you to define and execute optimised technologies and architectures. This means that software engineering can respond to changes with far greater flexibility and speed compared to industry and standard solutions.

The scope of software engineering support that we provide is entirely up to you. You can select the specific competences and skills that you need at any time. Or draw on agreed engineering capacities to develop defined software packages according to a fixed roadmap. Precisely the way that suits you best! What matters to us in particular: You retain full control over every single step of your development at all times.

Application and solution development

We start by conducting a design sprint with you to acquire a shared understanding of your business or product idea. Success in this stage hinges on close interaction between everyone involved. Via direct and short communication channels – and throughout the entire development phase.

Thanks to quick development sprints, short delivery intervals and early customer tests, you will receive a very high-value solution within the defined budget and time frame. In this context, implementation builds on a binding blueprint that’s continuously updated as the project progresses. The key factors for your success: Stability, scalability and security.

The result is more than impressive! Once the project is complete, you will have a thoroughly modern application or solution that exploits your specific opportunities for digitalisation and process optimisation and builds on your migrated dataset.

Application Service Management

With application service management, we guarantee rapid responses to and resolution of any questions or faults that occur within the term of our jointly agreed SLA (service level agreement).

Our application service management can also ensure maintenance and upgrading of your digital solution if you are responsible for continued development of your software landscape as well. Not only will this cut costs and protect your valuable software investment. It also drives necessary change in many areas. And lets you harness the full potential of your software solutions.

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