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A successful software application must not only meet user expectations, but also satisfy the highest quality standards in terms of performance, accuracy, and user-friendliness. Our software quality assurance services are based on a deep understanding of the maturity of your current quality assurance processes. We not only identify opportunities for optimisation, but also develop clear roadmaps with milestones to rapidly improve your existing standards.

We are available to answer your most pressing questions about software verification and validation. This includes aspects such as the choice between automated, manual or semi-automated regression testing, the appropriate functional and non-functional tests, and the efficient tracking of requirements.


What we do

Evaluation of the tests

You would like to optimise the maturity of your software quality? Then you should have a clear view of the tests that you perform on your software. You need a clear understanding of what is tested and what your methodical procedure is.

The best place to start in this regard is to assess the current level of maturity of your product quality by evaluating your tests. To perform this you will need a certain grasp of the business and specified test requirements, next to technical knowledge.

Our testing experts can support you in this evaluation process by analysing gaps in your tests and refine together with you the path to achieve your next steps. We can help you to get a clear testing strategy, a technical PoC, and suggestions for best practices adapted to your business specific business and team needs. During the implementation of the identified improvements ERNI can support you with necessary expertise and skills.

Test automation

Time to market is one of the biggest challenges for any project. The initial approach for most projects is to cover the testing manually. We know that this approach does not scale when the applications grow, and it leads to reductions of testing scope. However, this runs the risk of not having tested the software sufficiently before making it available to the users.

Test automation offers the possibility to perform tests and thus uncover errors in standard processes and procedures in a targeted and continuous manner. With our experienced test experts, we can define a test catalogue and automated test cases together with you.

One difficulty is finding the optimal balance between automated and manual testing. Here, we rely on the use of already proven, existing processes to achieve this balance with you. Specifically, we ensure successful continuous verification and validation using widely available open source tools and frameworks for web, mobile, REST API, and Windows desktop automation.

Natural language for tests for improved collaboration

Your current challenge is to create a clearer vision of all the aspects that are currently tested or to increase the collaboration of the business with development and testing. Using a shared natural language which is comprehensible for all stakeholders helps to foster collaboration and a clear vision.

Our testing experts are specialised in writing test cases in natural language. We are specialised frameworks like cucumber, SpecFlow, and Robot Framework to develop the test cases. These frameworks and tools enable the team to specify requirements and define test cases using natural language. This simplifies coordination between the test team, development team and business organisations.

Another benefit for your organisation is that once you implemented a test framework using natural languages, you do not have the need anymore to use specialised experts for your testing activities. Natural language is understandable to more people. This helps you with talent acquisition for highly specialised topics.


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