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Digital business consulting provides specialised consulting services designed to help organisations successfully navigate the digital transformation. Through a comprehensive analysis of strategies, organisational structures, and processes, we are able to identify weaknesses and make targeted recommendations for improvement.

Outdated legacy systems are often an obstacle to the integration of new technologies. Other common problems include a lack of skilled workers for digital projects and concerns regarding data security and privacy. In addition, companies must adapt to changing customer expectations and re-evaluate their business models.

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What we do

Creation and validation of ideas

Together, we forge your ideas into possible variants in several iterative steps – ultimately creating well-conceived solution approaches that truly unleash your full potential. In doing so, we immerse ourselves entirely in the world of your customers to identify their paths and values and to fully understand their most vital needs.

Only then do we develop and test the targeted solution approaches. This method keeps the process of finding a collaborative solution entirely focused on the right customer challenges and efficient implementation. This strengthens the USP in your market segment in the here and now and for the future.

Strategy and business models

A clear strategy puts your company on the right track. Especially in an increasingly complex, more digital world full of challenges and opportunities.

We jointly apply a holistic approach to understand the underlying conditions, requirements and competences. On this basis, we collaborate with you to develop a strategic mission statement that paves the way for the successful future of your organisation. This means that the resources you need for strategic implementation of your viable business models are available at all times.

Together we lay the foundation for your company’s sustainable and strategically oriented innovation competence by establishing the procedural model as an integrated cycle in the business development process.

Digitalisation strategy

We work with your strategists and specialists to build a focused and feasible digitalisation strategy that ensures your company retains its uniqueness, not only now, but also in future markets.

Together we start by identifying the needs of your customers, relevant market trends and forward-looking technologies. Then we reconcile the identified innovation potential with your business model.

A convincing digitalisation strategy will only unleash its full effect if your customers actually experience the tangible vision and values of your company. That’s why we initially calculate and test each implementation step of the digitalisation strategy under realistic conditions and integrate the prioritised findings transparently into the roadmap.

Internet of Things strategy and roadmap

Do you want to harness the potential of the IoT?  Creating an IoT strategy is a complex undertaking, as it requires many different components to run, like clockwork. A straightforward implementation roadmap improves clarity and orientation here.

In the first step, we use a maturity model to determine the current status of your company. This is followed by giving your IoT strategy a structure. It reveals how the value defined in the business case can be achieved using the data obtained from the connected devices.

In this process it is important to make a smart choice early on about the technology you want to use and to keep cyber security in mind. After all, some markets have detailed regulations on the use of IoT devices, which you will then have to factor into the strategy and implementation. Early birds benefit from the Internet of Things: You must take all of these aspects into account early on and include them correctly in your planning.

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