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We increase your customer loyalty with innovative technologies and secures your market position in the long term through the intelligent networking of devices.

Telecommunications and utilities companies must provide stable services that are available at all times. Flexibility and adaptability are required to cope with the introduction of new digital solutions, changing business models and increasing cost pressure. This requires lean business processes, professional service and portfolio management, end-to-end customer care across all digital channels, and intelligent networking in the Internet of Things.

ERNI supports you with the adaptation of new technologies to changing customer requirements. This results in significantly better customer interactions. By intelligently connecting devices through the Internet of Things (IoT) and leveraging cloud solutions, we can work together to reduce your operating costs.

What we do

Agile development of software

Do you want to reduce the deployment and operating costs for new scalable software solutions and thus open up new business areas, but at the same time still achieve fast results? We give you access to high-performance technologies and thus software development on an agile basis.

Cloud solutions provide increased productivity, greater agility and scalability, and better customer services. End customers remain at the centre of the software development process. Their paths should be determined and their needs should absolutely be understood by you. Our specialists support you in always quickly implementing prototypes and testing them with future users. This way you can successfully focus on solving the right customer challenges and save unnecessary additional efforts.

Modernising legacy systems

Modern telecommunications and utility companies operate in a world with complex IT systems. But many are no longer up to date and also expensive to run and upgrade.

Do you want to use digital innovation and modern technologies for noticeable improvements in your operational efficiency and to offer your customers new, intelligent end-to-end solutions? Our experts analyse your current IT system and requirements to create a solid foundation to plan investments and develop sustainable business models.

Another effect: Modernising the applications will make your company significantly more agile. You will deliberately target new business opportunities and acquire a crucial competitive edge.

Implement digital solutions

Do you want to strengthen the integration of end customers via a self-service portal, look into the future with predictive analytics – and be aware of the current status of your network infrastructure at all times? Real-time services such as messaging, consumption visualisation, cost simulation and dynamic pricing have long been part of the digitalised service and business reality.

You can already obtain initial insights from your current dataset to optimise your scope for action. Building on this, you can then develop new digital innovation and cultivate customer loyalty.

Together with you we automate your key processes, which results in better decision if combined with an improved access to the data. Of course, using meaningful data. The results are efficient and tailored modifications with minimal cost and time investment.

Data-driven innovations

Data analytics and machine learning enable the data-driven and automated processing of business cases. The advantage: You can focus completely on the more demanding, interesting and worthwhile cases that inevitably require human interaction.

The available – and suitably processed – data is always the key to successful use of digital solutions. But the actual challenge is to collect and process the data in real time and ultimately to extract useful information from the data collected.

Overcoming this challenge requires concepts and architectures that comply with data protection laws. The visionary goal is to put the data to use not only within your administration, but also in companies, start-ups, for science and research. At ERNI we support you in the successful implementation of data projects. We know that this largely hinges on accepted best practices for storing, securing, collecting and processing data.


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