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We create a powerful system by introducing innovative software into manufacturing operations, automating processes, and establishing seamless process chains. 

Industrial machines and devices are evolving into intelligent, networked assets that are the foundation for new services and business models. EDGE computing on one side and Cloud services on the other, moved by 5G and low latency technologies as well as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence represent just a small fraction of this new world.

ERNI specialises in the development of Firmware and Software for intelligent devices and intelligent machines. In this manner, ERNI helps you to integrate machines, people and production in the industry into a powerful overall system. The digital future also requires solutions for better management of production processes, closer networking of in-house products, and more efficient services.

What we do

Software Engineering in der Industrie

Digitalisierung heisst Herausforderung: Maschinen und Geräte müssen immer intelligenter werden, gleichzeitig sollen sich neue Funktionen einfach implementieren lassen. Die Kommunikation, sowohl mit Menschen als auch mit anderen Maschinen und Geräten, spielt dabei eine immer grössere Rolle.


((Text)) In der digitalen Welt der Industrie 4.0 sind Fabriken und Produktionsbetriebe mit hightech Technologien ausgerüstet. Machine Learning, künstliche Intelligenz und Augmented- und Virtual Reality ermöglichen Konnektivität auf kleinstem Raum, indem sie Daten verbinden, analysieren und interpretieren. Unsere Software Engineers beherrschen diese Technologien und erschaffen mit Ihnen eine nahtlose Verbindungen zwischen Menschen und Maschinen sowie zwischen Maschinen selbst.

Smart devices in the industrial sector

If your products communicate with other machines, applications, platforms, and people during operation, make sure to plan and implement the necessary communication technologies strategically and with foresight right from the start.

The intended place of use is crucial. This defines the framework conditions, restrictions and specifications. We support you in complying with these guidelines and in correctly implementing the right communication technologies with our software engineers.

Powerful device management is also essential. This not only enables you to know the status, the current software version and the location of your machine or device at all times. Our team can work out with you how to set up or professionalise device management.

Data-driven innovations

Data analytics and machine learning enable the data-driven and automated processing of business cases. The advantage: You can focus completely on the more demanding, interesting and worthwhile cases that inevitably require human interaction.

The available – and suitably processed – data is always the key to successful use of digital solutions. But the actual challenge is to collect and process the data in real time and ultimately to extract useful information from the data collected.

Overcoming this challenge requires concepts and architectures that comply with data protection laws. The visionary goal is to put the data to use not only within your administration, but also in companies, start-ups, for science and research. At ERNI we support you in the successful implementation of data projects. We know that this largely hinges on accepted best practices for storing, securing, collecting and processing data.

Innovation through data-driven solutions

Many aspects of your core business require effective and efficient action – and therefore your full attention. Do you want to move from a classic model to data-driven business models? Data enables you to make better decisions and thus efficiently tackle numerous challenges. This is how you remain successful in today’s business environment.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can speed up your processes and increase customer loyalty. Today, in addition to rapid availability, the clarity and precision of information is crucial for business success. We support you in this point already with the creation of interactive dashboards and reports up to data-driven new business models with highly complex information.


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