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  • 30.11.2022.

    How a lack of quality assurance can lead to a loss of $400 million in 37 seconds

    Even though the importance of testing in software projects has been proven many times before, even large companies sometimes neglect it. In this article, with the help of two examples, I will emphasise the mistakes to avoid, followed by an introduction of the testing process set-up.

  • 15.11.2022.

    The Triple-A Saga: Architecture, Architects, and Agile! – Part III

    In the final chapter of the Triple-A Saga, I will be talking about the word “agile” and what it means to me. Of course, it will be in the context of architecture, and I will also introduce to you its connotation to the enablers, the architects.

  • 09.11.2022.

    Investment in people is investment in your future

    When it comes to business-related face-to-face networking, I have had the experience that people either like the topic or try to avoid it consciously. Either way, this article should give some insights and tips on how someone can start building relationships and begin developing a potential network.

  • 26.10.2022.

    Why you should consider connecting your continuous integration pipeline to your hardware

    Do you want to share your full hardware setup with each developer in your team without passing it around? Or do you want to reduce the burden of the manual execution of your on-target tests to detect regression earlier? This article addresses these topics and gives you a conceptual overview of how to run your continuous integration pipeline stages on your embedded target.

  • 18.10.2022.

    The Triple-A Saga: Architecture, Architects, and Agile! – Part II

    The second part of the triple-A saga focuses on the enabler of architecture – the architect. I will explain the roles of the architects as well as the definition itself, followed by the types of architects and what I believe is required to be a successful architect with some examples from many years of my professional experience.

  • 12.10.2022.

    The need for Requirements Traceability within development projects

    To keep up with market trends, many companies are faced with the decision of whether to implement Requirements Traceability. This article explains the advantages and challenges of Requirements Traceability and how these challenges can be overcome.

  • 28.09.2022.

    Data Architecture – from ETL to Microservices

    Data architectures undergo continuous changes and evolution. This article addresses some of the trade-offs when dealing with common questions around data architectures, and how a microservices architecture can help to answer them.

  • 21.09.2022.

    The Triple-A Saga: Architecture, Architects, and Agile! – Part I

    Architecture is as much about thinking and creating as it is about communicating. In my many years of experience, I have seen excellent ideas go to waste because they were neither understood nor communicated. I want to bring you on a journey to explore an essential triad in the Digital Era: Architecture, Architects, and Agile. This Triple-A concept or Triad shall be considered as the highest competitive level of quality or achievement.

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オンラインカジノ パチンコ

ライセンスとは、国がオンラインカジノサイトの運営を許可した場合にのみ発行する運営許可書のようなものとなっており、ライセンスは発行している国によって安全度や信頼度が異なります。 安全度が高く知名度の高いライセンスと言えば、マルタ共和国政府が発行するライセンスやキュラソー(オランダ領)が発行するライセンスなどがありますが、 KACHIDOKI (カチドキ)のKポイントサービスは廃止 KACHIDOKI (カチドキ)のKポイントサービスは廃止 KACHIDOKI (カチドキ)にはスマホアプリは存在しない オンラインパチスロ 評? オンラインパチスロ 評判 ?

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