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  • book summary failing26.11.2020.

    Book summary: Failosophy

    In the recent episode of the Book summary series our colleague Nikol Laschan speaks about her book tip Failosophy. Find out more about the art of failure.
  • 20.11.2020.

    Book summary: Antifragile – Things That Gain From Disorder

    Today’s agile book summary comes from our Principal Consultant Patrick Wilhelm. What does Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder say to its readers? How can it navigate you especially in times of insecurity like the ones we live in now?
  • 12.11.2020.

    The scattershot approach has outlived its usefulness

    The number of digital touchpoints between consumers and brands continues to grow. For successful communication, they must be specifically selected and managed. The strategic and systematic management of all contact points between the person and the brand is crucial for success and presents companies and agencies alike with a number of challenges.
  • 11.11.2020.

    The virtual temporary colleague

    Robotic Process Automation, or RPA for short, has raised many hopes in recent years and caused a stir in the financial services industry. What can this technology do and what can it not do? Sandra Bruderer and Remo Rambaldi, Senior Consultants at ERNI, recommend a well-considered use of software robots.
  • agile transformation fitness check how agile are you06.11.2020.

    Case study: How Agile are you?

    For a leading developer and manufacturer of injection and infusion systems for self-medication and a renowned diabetes specialist we performed an Agile Fitness Check. Learn more about what the customer gained.
  • 04.11.2020.

    Disruptive trends: How to fend off value vampires successfully

    Michael R. Wade had probably just seen the film classic Dracula or the horror flick Eclipse when he coined the term “Value Vampire“ in connection with the digital disruption of our days. The professor for innovation and strategy at the IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland, uses it to describe young companies that are destroying existing business models without mercy: “They offer their products or services extremely cheap or even free of charge and thus suck out the profit pool, which leads to shrinking market shares for the established providers.“ At the same time, these startups also convinced consumers with a better customer experience and innovative services.
  • ERNI I Agile best practices Planning02.11.2020.

    Agile best practice series: Sprint planning

    In this episode of our series about Agile best practices, we focus on sprint planning as the first of the Scrum ceremonies. Joffrey Zehnder and Zuzana Gočová explain what they have encountered in their work as Agile coaches, including the pitfalls they frequently experience and how to avoid them.
  • 29.10.2020.

    Techletter: Scaling Cross-Platform Mobile Development using Flutter

    Cross-platform mobile development surpasses the limitations of native mobile development. You only need one team that can develop apps for both Android and iOS, instead of having two teams that develop apps on each platform separately. Since its release two years ago, Flutter has been used by developers as one of their go-to cross-platform mobile development framework.
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