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  • Imperative of the Digital Business Transformation19.01.2022.

    Imperative of the Digital Business Transformation

    The global pandemic, acted as a catalyst, reinforced the pre-existing transformation tendencies and increased the sense of urgency for businesses to focus on the right technologies and get the best out of them.

  • Blogs – a perennial favourite12.01.2022.

    Blogs – a perennial favourite

    The little black dress among communication channels. It goes well with everything, always looks good and when you put it on, it fits like second skin – the blog. Here’s how it emerged from the niche corners of the early internet to become a perennial favourite, what you need to consider and what you get out of it.

  • Success through stories04.01.2022.

    Success through stories

    Stories have shaped humanity like little else. They have brought people together and torn them apart, triggered wars and inspired peace. They are powerful! Even in marketing and corporate communication.

  • Good behaviour depends on the context28.12.2021.

    Good behaviour depends on the context

    Have you ever stumbled upon a video on YouTube that was produced for Instagram and then watched the video in portrait format on your computer screen? Or did you click it away again immediately? That’s why it’s important to optimise content for different channels.

  • New content forms21.12.2021.

    New content forms

    First there were tales told orally, then (cave) paintings and then the first written texts. The way we package our content has always been subject to change and even today new possibilities are constantly emerging. Here you can find out how to make use of them and what to look out for.

  • M2M, IoT and Edge Computing16.12.2021.

    M2M, IoT and Edge Computing – History, technology and trends

    Digitalisation is the topic of the day. In a nutshell, it is about the increasing networking of the world. Of course, the bottom line is that it is not “the world” that is being networked, but devices and machines. The foundation of this transformation is so-called M2M or machine-to-machine communication. Very roughly, M2M refers to the automatic exchange of information between different end devices.

  • Big Data in Numbers15.12.2021.

    Big Data in Numbers

    Data is driving the future of businesses, and companies not prepared for this transformation are at risk of being left behind. Let us uncover some facts and figures about Big Data.

  • Data-driven prototype with gamification factor in banking08.12.2021.

    Data-driven prototype with gamification factor in banking

    Nowadays, companies face many digital challenges, especially with regard to current and future customer target groups and their needs. For a local bank, we looked at how to better serve customers in the digital space with the help of collected data.

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ERNI is providing method-based consulting services.

オンラインカジノ パチンコ

ライセンスとは、国がオンラインカジノサイトの運営を許可した場合にのみ発行する運営許可書のようなものとなっており、ライセンスは発行している国によって安全度や信頼度が異なります。 安全度が高く知名度の高いライセンスと言えば、マルタ共和国政府が発行するライセンスやキュラソー(オランダ領)が発行するライセンスなどがありますが、 KACHIDOKI (カチドキ)のKポイントサービスは廃止 KACHIDOKI (カチドキ)のKポイントサービスは廃止 KACHIDOKI (カチドキ)にはスマホアプリは存在しない オンラインパチスロ 評? オンラインパチスロ 評判 ?

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ERNI is providing partnership-based technology services.


ERNI is providing cost-conscious delivery services.

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