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The power of data

The key to your success in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) this area is the robust management and quality of your data. By cleverly combining corporate data with public information and the latest AI technologies, we tap into new possibilities and optimisation potential.

We develop intelligent and accurate data-driven applications based on your specifications. Through continuous feedback, we keep your data and models up-to-date and help you adapt your business to meet future market demands. Data-driven decision-making is intuitive, fast, and consistent. With intelligent analytical insights, you can develop new products and services or improve existing offerings.


What we do

Data engineering

Connecting additional data sources such as social media, smart devices (IoT) and producing digital records of company processes is rapidly expanding the volume of corporate data. Complexity is rising at the same time due to the growing relevance of unstructured data such as images, videos and audio content. That is why big data can no longer be processed beneficially using conventional methods.

With our expertise at your side, you will implement a lean, cost-efficient and modern data architecture that meets the strict future requirements for availability, performance, reliability and flexibility. Our custom solutions for data management and engineering supply your company with data in the required quality as a basis for advanced data analytics.

Data analytics and machine learning

A precise understanding of your business processes is no longer enough. You want to achieve targeted improvements as a starting point for reliable data-based decisions? The solution in this case is the deployment of data analytics, coupled with your expertise in the individual business areas.

Using descriptive analytics, your data and suitable statistical methods – coupled with state-of-the-art technologies as the final ingredient – will enable you to identify patterns and trends early on. And to respond appropriately. Predictive and prescriptive analytics is like a map of the future.

Our experts experience in training Machine Learning models allows us to jointly define where Machine Learning approaches are beneficial and support implementing MLOps solutions serving your needs.

Machine Learning Engineering plays a pivotal role in harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms and models for real-world applications. It involves designing, developing, and deploying machine learning systems, enabling businesses to automate decision-making, optimize processes, and gain valuable insights from data. ML Engineering ensures the seamless integration of machine learning solutions into production environments, resulting in improved product recommendations, enhanced customer experiences, and data-driven strategies.

Decision making through transparent data presentations

Even the best intelligent analyses and applications are useless without a clear and comprehensible presentation of results. That’s why we develop interactive, transparent and easily legible dashboard solutions and custom reports for your relevant KPIs and metrics.

They enable you to reach timely decisions based on data and suitably processed information. For this purpose, we jointly define the necessary content for current and future user groups. We then work together to create the visualisation in iterative and interactive implementation steps. Naturally, we test each one with focus groups as well. This creates highly efficient results which are available incredibly quickly and can be put to good use straight away.

Even advanced analytics like predictive maintenance can be implemented quickly and easily.

Digital Twins

Digital twins are virtual representations of a tangible or intangible object or process from the real world. Manufacturing companies in particular use these digital models to test the performance and effectiveness of machines and products in a simulated environment. Their objective is to lower costs, shorten product development times and improve the quality and resilience of products.

Digital twins create a new world of opportunity when combined with the Internet of Things. After all, you can then test products and services in real-time to gain insights into the system’s functionality and efficiency. With a unified model and API, digital twins can easily pair and collaborate with physical assets. A perfect way to secure innovative solutions for your company. Because from then on, you will always possess precise knowledge of how things work before they are used in practice.

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Machine Learning in use with open-source data from rad traffic


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