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We improve the customer experience with financial and insurance services by creating digital business models with accelerated processes through innovative software solutions.

New customer needs and stricter regulations demand a rapid change in mindset, as do digital technologies and increasing competition from start-ups and technology vendors. For the modern financial industry, going digital means thinking strategically. The digital recipe for success includes two key ingredients: automation through digital technologies and the use of customer-centric, agile, and innovative solutions. 

ERNI develops software solutions with a focus on digital touch points and personalised offerings in a mass market. This is how ERNI works with you to improve the experience of customers purchasing financial and insurance services. By leveraging existing data for client consulting and internal operational excellence, we quickly achieve initial results together.

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What we do

Agile development of software

Do you want to reduce the deployment and operating costs for new scalable software solutions and thus open up new business areas, but at the same time still achieve fast results? We give you access to high-performance technologies and thus software development on an agile basis.

Cloud solutions provide increased productivity, greater agility and scalability, and better customer services. End customers remain at the centre of the software development process. Their paths should be determined and their needs should absolutely be understood by you. Our specialists support you in always quickly implementing prototypes and testing them with future users. This way you can successfully focus on solving the right customer challenges and save unnecessary additional efforts.

Rapid Process Automation in finance and insurance

Besides the legacy system, a clear appraisal of business processes ensures optimised exploitation of your digital potential. Process automation is therefore becoming increasingly important within the financial sector. This is focusing more and more on business workflows.

Targeted reorganisation of your information systems and processes guarantees additional productivity, cost savings and shorter lead times. So it is hardly surprising that AI solutions and machine learning are becoming increasingly vital factors in process automation. By embracing this trend, you will drive your evolution into a consistently process-controlled enterprise. Moreover, you will develop the ability to implement flexible changes in no time at all, improve quality and cut costs along the entire value chain.


Modern and powerful information technologies guarantee the highest standards of data security. And are therefore growing in importance.

We use gap analysis to compare the performance of your processes, your medical devices or your services with defined targets. The analysis identifies both actual and potential performance and therefore creates a reference point for specific improvement measures.

This can be lean and efficient solutions, cost optimisation, enhanced transparency or better communication at the interfaces between business and technology. This enables you – with our support – to tap into strategic and innovative potential and to continue delivering stable and attractive healthcare services and solutions.

Transformation through digital processes

To remain ready for the future and competitive, more and more companies are developing concrete strategies for digital solutions. The digital transformation also brings other changes. The need for protective measures for ICT infrastructures is increasing or new technologies are transforming the existing business model. Digitalisation not only changes corporate strategy, but often also its organisation and culture.

With a powerful digital strategy, therefore, new processes and business models are emerging that increase your company’s capabilities and enable the automation of complex workflows. Your everyday activities and complex workflows should remain as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. To achieve this agile structure, we support you with our digitalisation experts.


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