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ERNI is investing in 3 core competencies

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Kris Fajardo Scuba diver and and Service Unit Leader

Core Services in ERNI Philippines

We are continuously investing in our services


Mobile Development Service

  • Mobile DevOps
  • XAMRIN as primary technology beside native and Ionic
  • 92+ apps release in iOS, Android & Win10

Web Development Service

  • Full stack web development service (HTML, CSS, PHP, React, Angular, etc.)
  • Contend driven web development (mostly based on DRUPAL) and web apps

Enterprise Development Service

  • C# development for web based solution and desktop apps
  • Technologies: .NET Core, WCF, WPF, UWP, ASP.NET Core, EF


UX/UI using Adobe and interactive tooling for customer engagement

Established UX/UI processes for pre-project phase and integrated services


Independent testing as a service or integrated into development

Latest tooling for manual and auto testing

Functional, non-functional and specialty testing service

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Kris Fajardo
Diver and
Service Unit Leader