How was your time at ERNI? What did you learn/gain there?

I really enjoyed the time at ERNI thanks to my team, the projects I had an opportunity to manage, as well as the international environment I was exposed to in my everyday work. Furthermore, I was lucky to work with bright people who not only enriched me professionally but who are also now my friends for life.

At ERNI, I worked as Online Marketing & Project Manager based in Slovakia, managing digital marketing campaigns as well as various internal marketing projects (Website relaunch projects, Info App, gTLD, Intranet Relaunch, etc.). Currently I am working as a Field Marketing Manager for a global IT company in Germany, managing all of the marketing for the EMEA region with the goal to generate demand and grow our business in the region.

Did the experiences you got at ERNI help you at the next positions after you left ERNI?

Working at ERNI definitely accelerated my learning curve and I have managed to develop a very diverse set of hard and soft skills in a short period of time. My experience at ERNI helped me mainly to deepen my knowledge in the domain of marketing automation and B2B digital marketing, which was one of my key selling points when I was making the move to my next job.

Our Alumni, Our Reputation

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