Hack ‘n’ Hike

Each year, the Hack ‘n’ Hike brings together many employees from ERNI Switzerland for a weekend to solve exciting programming challenges while hiking in the mountains of Vitznau.

Nature, fun and coding

The annual Hack ‘n’ Hike at ERNI Switzerland has become an important tradition for the employees. Whether you are a software developer, business analyst, project manager, UX designer, software architect, or test engineer, everyone is invited to spend a weekend at the mountain cabin in Wissifluh.

Starting from the Wissifluh cable car station, the first stage of the hike takes participants to the mountain cabin at the top. Once at the top and after a hearty lunch, exciting workshops will take place to brainstorm ideas and create coding compilations.

"The Hack ‘n’ Hike is the perfect opportunity to open your mind and imagination to new ideas and concepts."

What starts as a crazy idea usually turns into a serious project. This always involves working closely with a piece of hardware: This year, the control system for a robotic arm is being developed using a pipeline with cloud integration. Collaboration is shaped by the different fields of expertise and roles of colleagues, and drives the project.   

After two days of exciting coding sessions and lively evenings accompanied by an overnight stay in a mountain cabin, it’s time to take the cable car back down to the valley in Vitznau.

"It is always fascinating to see what can be achieved when we ERNI employees work together towards a common goal,"

Hack ‘n’ Hike not only creates an exciting project within a very short period of time, but also strengthens the bonds between participants.