Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Fiel Violeta

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Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

We empower your business with analytics.
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  • Make use of our expert data analysts to improve your decision making
  • Apply machine learning and statistical analysis to optimize your business
  • Leverage out experience in predictive maintenance and smart quality validation
  • We mechanize your business systems with robotic process automation

Benefits for your business

Faster decisions based on data

Make faster decisions based on date and grow your business

New products and services

New products and services through the smart use of data and analytics

Increase production and product quality

Increase your production and product quality

Personalize your customer service

Personalize your customer service (context-sensitive chatbots)

Detect fraud and misuse

Detect fraud and misuse

Your Challenge

  • You know you need to become smart with your data, but don’t know how or where to begin

Our Solution

  • We develop your business vision
  • We carry out preliminary data analysis
  • We help you define success criteria
  • We help you choose the right project that leverages fast company support
  • We do papid prototyping to find best model candidates

Our Portfolio

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Automated Vehicle Inspection
  • Train Track Analysis
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Visual Servoing (Robot Arm Tracking)
  • Predictive Energy Consumption
  • Data Warehousing & Visualization
  • BI Reporting

Our Data Science Process

Complex Data Sets

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