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Meet and have a great time together

ERNI communities boost team performance and play an important role in employees getting to know each other at ERNI. This is especially true across different departments and project teams. 

In general, a community at ERNI is a group of people who share a common interest in technology, outdoor activities, gaming, etc. Basically, it can be anything. The main point is to meet and have a great time together.

Discover our communities

Hero App Community

We encourage employee engagement and the participation of our ERNIans at internal activities and initiatives. The Hero App community develops an App with gamifies employee engagement. ERNIans can participate at internal initiatives and gain “hero points”. These points can be redeemed for merchandise like T-Shirts and small gadgets. The community continuously works on the app and adds new initiatives. It is a fun way to combine coding with internal employee engagement.

Project Release Party

In ERNI APAC, we do have Project Release party to acknowledge the team effort and success of every individual in a successful project. It also includes a mini team building activity that helps the individual of different departments to have more collaborations and interactions.

Coffee Break Session

In ERNI APAC, a once-in-a-month Coffee Break activity, often happens every last Friday of the month, which helps the ERNIan’s have a short break from all the technical day-to-day tasks and enjoy the non-technical activities once in a while. A virtual activity, hosted by different departments aims to have fun and engaging games with a small gift for the winners.

Coffee Exchange

In ERNI APAC, we make sure to welcome our employees and their ideas to ERNI. With this, we have a Coffee Exchange encouraging everyone to have a quick chat with our Managing Director and have a healthy conversation while sipping their favorite coffee.

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