Our communities

Meet and have a great time together

ERNI communities boost team performance and play an important role in employees getting to know each other at ERNI. This is especially true across different departments and project teams. 

In general, a community at ERNI is a group of people who share a common interest in technology, outdoor activities, gaming, etc. Basically, it can be anything. The main point is to meet and have a great time together.

ERNI Communities

Our communities are created and led by a group of ERNIans driven by a shared interest in technological practices. Their main objective is the transfer of knowledge, both internally and externally, through face-to-face talks, streaming, PoCs, workshops, etc. Taking part in these communities will allow you to keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends while meeting people who share the same interests.

ERNI Tech Communities

We believe in communities and promote the exchange between our experts in our Tech Communities. In these communities our ERNIans exchange and share their knowledge about topics which are interesting. There are communities about topics, like data and AI, blockchain and VR / AR. Most communities meet once a month online, so that all members of the community can participate. The focus is always on the exchange and discussion of current trends.

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