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ERNI communities boost team performance and play an important role in employees getting to know each other at ERNI. This is especially true across different departments and project teams. 

In general, a community at ERNI is a group of people who share a common interest in technology, outdoor activities, gaming, etc. Basically, it can be anything. The main point is to meet and have a great time together.

Discover our communities

Hiking Club

The Hiking Club connects ERNIans in Slovakia who are passionate about exploring the beautiful Slovak mountains. Moreover, hiking is one of the best activities to improve our mental and physical health. Currently there are around twelve active members who regularly pack their backpacks and good mood and go for hikes of varying difficulty.

Coffee Buyers Club

In the Coffee Buyers Club, we do buy and make coffee – but not in a boring office way. Rather, we take it to extremes: we get specialty-grade coffee, weigh the necessary amount with precise scales, grind it with a burr grinder and brew it with treated soft water via special brewing equipment according to different filter recipes we try out. The whole process looks like a scene from a laboratory. As a result, we get to enjoy well-deserved beverages which impress us with a wide range of flavours and bring lots of joy and mild but lasting energy. And the brewing time goes by quickly while spending time with great colleagues and having our typical small talk. The brewing itself has become a great daily ritual to start each new day. It is a great skill to develop since coffee is a rich and engaging hobby from a scientific, connoisseurial, industrial or any other perspective.

Board Games Night

The board games event takes place directly at the ERNI office in Bratislava and attracts people who crave to play good old-fashioned board games. And there are plenty to choose from. Computer games are no match for these classic tabletop games where you can really feel the game and emotions. There is no regular schedule; we pick a date and meet when we feel it’s the right time. We gather at the ERNI Bratislava office, which boasts a wonderful view of Bratislava castle. We bring some beverages, order pizza, vote for the game menu of the day and start playing. We usually play several different games in one session, starting with the easiest ones (or the quickest ones), and the last game is always the most complex. It’s not always the players we have to beat – sometimes it’s the game itself.

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