CPRE – Foundation Level learning circle

ERNI Switzerland offers an internal learning platform to best prepare employees for certification exams such as the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering – Foundation Level (CPRE FL).

Prepared for CRPE certification

The Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering – Foundation Level (CPRE FL) is a certificate designed for working professionals in the fields of requirements engineering, business analysis, and testing. It enhances professional knowledge and promotes professional success. ERNI Switzerland uses internal learning circles to help employees prepare specifically for this certification. 

In addition to the theoretical teaching of content, it also focuses on the exchange of practical experience. Learning circles are voluntary and free of charge for employees.

"ERNI recognizes the added value that learning circles bring and offers its employees a platform for sharing their knowledge."

The CPRE FL learning circle is led by experienced employees who pass on their expertise to participants. The subject-specific topics discussed in the learning circles are derived from the certification syllabus and are typically covered in three evening learning sessions. 

Every time it is held, it proves that an initiative developed and implemented by ERNI Switzerland employees can work. Employees who are about to take the CPRE FL certification exam as well as experienced colleagues who just want to refresh their knowledge appreciate the exchange.

It is not only in Requirements Engineering that ERNI Switzerland offers learning circles. The Enterprise Agility practice area is also committed to such an initiative. Click here to see how they are learning from each other: Learning circle for enterprise agility