Learning circle for enterprise agility

ERNI Switzerland’s Enterprise Agility practice area regularly organizes learning circles, internal SAFe training, and brown bag lunches on current topics to facilitate and promote the sharing of know-how among employees.

Learning from experts

The Scrum Master and Product Owner certifications are highly relevant in the agile environment and help graduates gain a basic understanding of these topics. Members of the Enterprise Agility practice area serve as expert coaches. Employees at ERNI Switzerland have the opportunity to participate in an internal SAFe training course to gain specific knowledge in preparation for the exam. The certified trainers of the Enterprise Agility practice area are happy to share their knowledge.

"ERNI supports and motivates us to promote learning from and with each other."

Regular discussions take place in the Enterprise Agility practice area, where experts on various subjects exchange ideas. Regular excellence meetings, two team events per year, discovery sessions, a weekly “stand-up” and bilateral coaching sessions provide the space for this.

We regularly hold discovery sessions on “Agile metrics and flow”, which focus on sharing and exchanging experiences. In these sessions, members of the practice area take on the role of facilitator. Reports from current focus areas, training sessions, and other experiences are presented and knowledge is shared.

Because that is what the Enterprise Agility practice area initiatives are all about: learning from each other, strengthening the foundation of the team, and furthering individual competencies.

It is not only in Enterprise Agility that ERNI Switzerland offers learning circles. The Requirements Engineering practice area is also committed to such an initiative. Click here to see how they are learning from each other: CPRE – Foundation Level learning circle