Women @ ERNI

ERNI Switzerland promotes an inclusive work environment that ensures equal opportunity for all. The Women@ERNI initiative was created to help women network and share ideas within the company.

An initiative for greater cohesion and empowerment.

"We see it as an enrichment for ERNI and hope to inspire more women to take up technical professions in the long term."

The working environment at ERNI Switzerland offers all employees the opportunity to get involved in projects and initiatives within the company outside of their day-to-day work, an aspect which helped the women’s initiative to get established quickly. The Women@ERNI initiative started with a concept and draft strategy, and quickly became an integral part of ERNI Switzerland. Regular meetings and exciting workshops are organized to strengthen the bond between the women.

Whether it’s indoor skydiving, a lunchtime group yoga session or workshops on women’s empowerment, the Women@ERNI initiative is also about creating experiences. In this way, ideas are generated and a common vision is created to advance the topic of diversity within ERNI Switzerland and improve the working climate for women in the IT industry.

"I'm thrilled that we have so many great and impressive women at ERNI and that the initiative gives us the opportunity to network and exchange ideas,"

Such a project could only work in an open and tolerant working environment like ERNI Switzerland. 

Platform – Women@ERNI provides a platform for all female employees at ERNI Switzerland, promotes networking and helps build strong relationships.

Networking – Monthly women’s get-togethers, networking drinks & lunches, inspirational sessions & events

Skills – Through professional workshops and stimulating discussions, skills are developed and expertise is shared to maximize professional potential.

 In the future, the Women@ERNI initiative will become part of a national network of initiatives by women in Switzerland to make a difference outside the workplace as well. In addition, it will continue to organize get-togethers and events that male employees can also attend to raise awareness of the issue. After all, the Women@ERNI initiative is not about segregating ERNI’s female employees from the rest, but about creating an inclusive work environment for everyone.