Big Data in Numbers

Data is driving the future of businesses, and companies not prepared for this transformation are at risk of being left behind. Let us uncover some facts and figures about Big Data.

8-10% – Increased profits by businesses that use big data

$119 Billion – Big data global revenue by 2025

How do businesses leverage big data?

  • 85%  Through some form of shared analytics resources
  • 80%  Measure ROI of investments
  • 75%  Drive growth using analytics
  • 60%  Implement predictive analytics capabilities

Top benefits of data analytics

Top benefits of data analytics


Big data in Banking

U.S. banks have recently surpassed 1 Exabyte of stored data …

… which would equate to 275 billion MP3s.

How banks put big data to work

  • Customer risk assessment
  • Anti-money laundering procedures and fraud detection
  • Compliance and regulatory management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Stock trade surveillance and pattern analysis

Typical banking sources of big data include:

  • Customer bank visits
  • Call logs
  • Web interactions
  • Credit card histories
  • Social media
  • Transaction types
  • Banking volumes


Big data in Healthcare

$300 Billion is the potential annual value to Healthcare.

$165 Billion – Transparency in clinical data and clinical decision support.

$108 Billion – Research and development; Personalised medicine; Clinical trial design.

$47 Billion – Advanced fraud detection. Performance-based drug pricing.

$9 Billion – Public health Surveillance and response systems


Global Life Sciences Analytics Market

The global Life Sciences Market is expected to increase to almost $25 billion by 2021.

Global Life Sciences Analytics Market

Patient records and data sharing

62 % show high or very high readiness to forward their health data via an Electronic Patient Record to doctors and pharmacists.

The amount of medical data generated every year worldwide is rising astronomically.

Amount of medical data